Shawn Lutz

Shawn Lutz

Houston, TX, US


99k House

Urbanization accentuates the air and soil pollution problems.  This proposed agro-housing project blends agriculture and housing in one structure, bringing the food-supply directly to the building, decrease reliance on transportation for agricultural products (shopping and delivery to stores), reduce water consumption and runoff, as well as create a new economic sector in this area of Houston.  The advantages of this innovative building typology are that it produces food for tenants and the surrounding community, requires no special skill set for greenhouse operation, llows for flexibility and  independence for  the greenhouse working season, generates extra income and new jobs for the inhabitants in the building, creates a sense of community, creates sustainable housing conditions and reduces air and soil pollution, improves the building’s microclimate and reduction of its energy usage for cooling and heating.   The Agro-Housing project has a minimal footprint in order to free maximum ground surface for gardening and rainwater harvesting. The materials used for paving are recycled and cover limited surfaces.  Combining agriculture and housing creates a new urban condition which promotes the idea of sustainability and will dramatically reduce environmental problems.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Houston, TX, US