Casey Mahon

Casey Mahon

San Diego, CA, US


On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery_Sculpture Center

The fifth and final installation of the On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery series was an installation created by Christian Tomaszewski for the Sculpture Center in Long Island City, New York. Christian’s vision was to expand upon our previous installation’s “cave within a room” design by creating an entirely new space within the lower level of the center. Christian’s work consists of meticulously reconstructing parts of David Lynch’s seminal film Blue Velvet in real space, exploring the ability of architectural fragments to convey dramatic narrative. My role in the exhibition was to assist in making Christian’s vision become reality by collaborating on conceptual treatments for the existing architectural spaces of the Sculpture Center and producing working documents for the construction of the installation space. The show was on display at the Sculpture Center from April 29 to July 29, 2007, and was reviewed by many noteworthy publications including the New York Times.

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Status: Built