Sabrina Kolar

Sabrina Kolar

Cottbus, DE


METTRE- temporary sculpture

Mettre: French for use, make, and create.

This single word is the inspiration for the design and construction of the Flying Surfaces sculpture for the 20th Anniversary of BTU Cottbus.The sculpture was specifically designed to be ‘hands on’ allowing people to use, touch, explored, and view from every angle. Allowing people the chance to fully ‘experience’ the sculpture. The design allows for every exterior to have a different perspective from any point of the interior, thus creating a different picture for each individual. This is done through the lack of a fixed input/output point of the sculpture. It is left to the individual to choose their perspective how they will experience the sculpture. There are two hammocks, which serve as a rest and relax point on the sculpture itself, allowing people to fully immerse themselves within the sculpture. The hammocks were specifically made of a blue membrane fabric, connecting it to the official color of the architecture faculty at the BTU (Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany).

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Status: Built
Location: Cottbus, DE