Dustin Michael Infante

Dustin Michael Infante

Long Beach, CA, US


Please Click - Ben Clark Training Facility

Master planning project for the County of Riverside. This project contains a small grid of existing streets and buildings transferred with the property from the March Air Force Base. These facilities include a two-story administrative building, 4 three-story dormitory/office buildings, and 170-seat auditorium/multi-purpose­ building with a full kitchen, dining area, and sound studio. The most recent structures built on the site are 5 single-story, pre-engineered steel buildings­. In addition to the permanent structures there are two groups of temporary modular buildings that are occupied by the Sheriff Academy, California Highway Patrol, Fire Department, and Riverside Community College. The topography of the site is generally flat, with a gentle slope from the northwest to the southeast. Vegetation on the site is primarily composed of non-native grassland with small patches of native shrub species.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Riverside, CA, US