Matt Flamm

Matt Flamm

Columbus, OH, US



The sculptural vertical wind turbine is a design intervention intended to serve as a reformative educational tool demonstrating to the public how an energy intensive society can derive utility from the natural environment without dominating it. Realized as a series of installations in public plazas, the turbines would activate the public space with their illumination. They would stand as a beacon for the growing impetus in Western culture to regard the natural environment as an equal partner for a sustainable society.

The axial rotation of the sculptural wind turbine produces electricity to power LED luminaries through an induction alternator. Because the current of the alternator flips ever half cycle, a diode bridge is implemented to rectify it to DC current. In addition, a large capacitor is employed in parallel with the LED luminary to provide current smoothing for the variable frequency signal.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Columbus, Ohio