long truong

long truong

Portland, OR, US



The little girl in that profile image, i will corrupt her with the conceptual view in which my architecture teachers taught me.



-----------------------, Portland, OR, US, Office Manager

Bookkeeping, Design management, Office automation, Cost + Profit restructuring, advertisement, client satisfaction, event organizer, and joyful debater.

Oct 2011 - current

portland closeout, Portland, OR, US, retail clerk

Part time job as a sale clerk, business management, showroom designer, restructuring and rebranding the current business model.

May 2009 - current

John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK), Los Angeles, CA, US, Intern

Happy doing anything that they threw at me. most of the times =)

Sep 2007 - Jan 2009


beijing language and culture university, Beijing, CN, continuing education

The school was a front for my long term study of Chinese culture and modern impulsion on the Chinese psychology. traveled the later half of my time in China. from Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Chongqing. For anyone that traveled in China, you know that can be psychologically draining.

With all of that Chinese negativity going around (i am being part of it). I enjoyed china as a culture, I enjoy china as a people trying to reach to the outside world and trying to figure out how they fit into that sphere. and even (though i hated it) chinese as hustlers (for a lack of a better word) trying to make a living or even moving up the ladder.

China will push to move forward it will honestly be up to the government to control how the Chinese people grow.

Aug 2006 - Mar 2007

Portland State University, Portland, OR, US, BArch, Fine arts

Mass - Void = something people can occupy.

Sep 2001 - May 2006

Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland, OR, US, High School, drafting

CAD monkey best friend.... we barely learned hand drafting... probably they are teaching sketchup by now.

Sep 1997 - May 2001

Areas of Specialization