Scott Lutheran

Scott Lutheran

New York, NY, US



My name is J. Scott Lutheran.  I am a graduate student near the top of my class at the New York School of Interior Design here in Manhattan.  I graduated on May 20 with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design (with honors).

Due to the intense study and hard work I have performed in completing this graduate degree, I have kept my focus directed toward successful completion of school and have not recently been working in the field.  Therefore I am extremely ready to “get back to work”.  In many respects I see the culmination of this degree program as a new turning point in my life.  I would like to take this chance to “sink my teeth” into working with great designers and even greater clients.

I have worked on a variety of projects over my 20 or more years of design experience.  I initially relocated to this area to start my own small practice, but was at the wrong place at the wrong time and have decided to return to the work force in the capacity of a staff designer.  My most recent staff employment was nearly 10 years of service for a medium-sized commercial architectural firm in Louisville, Kentucky where I lived for several years.  Most of my design experience has been commercial.  I have worked on projects of various sizes and managed many of those and have managed the interior design portion of many larger projects as well.  During my tenure at this firm I was generally responsible for 6 to 10 ongoing projects at any given time.  On top of that I was also given the responsibility as the office’s Computer Network Administrator, the AutoCAD administrator, and Assistant Office Manager.  I have worked on some residential projects more recently and find those to be most gratifying because, let’s face it, they are just more fun to work on than a commercial project that is all based on bottom-line financial issues.

I truly love what I do and that is what has kept me interested and practicing in this field, even as times have become very rough for our industry.  I am very interested in furthering my LEED AP certifications at some point in the near future and do believe green design is very important and we should all be very conscious of materials and methods when designing new spaces.  Having passed the NCIDQ and acquiring my license to practice in Kentucky in 2006, I plan to acquire my license in whatever state I may find new employment.  I feel it important in my profession to continue to support licensing for interior designers, as this gives us more credibility.   

I am very personable and gregarious and never meet a stranger.  My private and professional associations are top-notch.  I have friends and associates, with whom I have worked, who are continually drawn to my sense of humor, wit, and intelligence. I very much enjoy working independently in a position where my intellect, sense of design, and talents are respected and nurtured, but I enjoy team efforts and am always the first to offer my assistance when there is a demand. I am extremely passionate about all aspects of design, but would say one of the elements I love the most is getting to meet new clients who come to me for assistance on creating just the right space.  I love learning about people and what makes their life a life.  That helps me learn how better to serve their every design need.  In addition to excellent rapport with former clients, I have worked well with fellow designers, architects, engineers, and various other members of our greater design society.  I never cease to be thrilled by exciting new projects. 

I tend to be a “long-term” oriented person who is loyal and hard working.  I like the idea of some sense of stability in my design life so am looking for a solid position.  I am a very well organized individual and pride myself on always meeting deadlines and generally to great acclaim. 

I would very much enjoy speaking with you about any possible employment opportunities with your firm.  I fully understand the nature of today’s difficult times and hope we may be of service to one another and succeed even during the roughest of times.



J. Scott Lutheran Design, LLC, Owner/Principal

Owner/Principal of a small interior design firm in the rural Philadelphia region in Pennsylvania.

Feb 2008 - Dec 2010

JRA Architects, INC, Certified Interior Designer

Certified Interior Designer working on interiors projects, working as a manager for various architecture projects through the firm.

Also the computer network administrator, AutoCAD Administrator, Office Security Officer, and Assistant Office Manager.

Jan 1999 - Dec 2007

Louisville Technical Institute, Adjunct Professor

Adjunct instructor conducting a class on advanced AutoCAD usage for interior design students working toward a bachelor's degree.

Jan 2007 - May 2007

Gate, Bluegrass Precast, Designer

Architectural draftsman/designer developing connections, panel weights, and design for precast concrete architectural panels systems for large scale projects throughout the world.

Jun 1997 - Jul 1998


New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), Masters, MFA Interior Design

Post professional masters degree in interior design with focus on planning, schematic design, space planning, design history, and philosophy.

Graduated with Honors

Aug 2009 - May 2011

Interior Design Institute, Interior Design

Associate's Degree program in Interior Design. Typical design elements studied....from history, to planning, contract administration, design, layouts, techniques, etc.

Graduated Suma Cum Laude

Jul 2000 - Sep 2004

Drury University, Bachelors, Art

Bachelor Degree program initially focusing on architecture, then transferring to studio art with emphasis on art, art history, architecture, design, architectural history, and studio arts.

Graduated with departmental distincton.

Aug 1987 - May 1991

Vatterott College, Diploma in Architectural Drafting

Diploma program in architectural drafting. Basic drafting techniques learned in all fields of drafting, including mechanical, engineering, land survey, and architectural drafting disciplines.

Graduated overall outstanding student in the school and overall outstanding student in my graduating class.

Jun 1985 - Jun 1986


KY AIA Award of Excellence for Design, Award

Received the award for design excellence for the state of Kentucky as recognized by AIA.

Project was the new plastic surgery offices for Dr. Tom Haas located in Louisville, Kentucky.


Daltile Best Floor/Wall Tile Installation, Award

First place winner for Daltile Best Floor/Wall Tile installation.

Project was the new Wilson & Muir Bank branch location for Louisville, Kentucky.

Project award was published in the May 2010 Edition of "Interior Design" magazine.


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