Rebecca Maisch

Rebecca Maisch

Boston, MA, US



I completed my M. Arch in January 2012, my thesis was a study of embassy design - specifically the redesign of the American consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, focused on the negotiation between the public relations and security functions, and how it could be handled architecturally.  My design outlined the internal struggle of diplomacy by bringing together representing the two program conditions public relations and security, and exposing them as separate architectural conditions coming together.


During my degree studies over the last six years, I have been working as a designer for architectural firms and developers in public/private residential and commercial work. In these roles, I've produced construction documents, assisted with construction administration, and prepared presentation drawings, marketing material, and proposals for RFPs. I have experience working on the site design of a large site while working on a 16 acre property for a developer. (This project was a waterfront property, previously a former lithographic industrial site considered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be environmentally contaminated.) Throughout this project, I worked with licensed site professionals, civil and mechanical engineers, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and landscape professionals, on the cleanup of the contaminated grounds, the design and construction of a large storm water canal system, the erection of a 660 KW wind turbine near approach patterns for Logan Airport, schematic design and research on solar arrays, and the research, design and planting of native wetland plants. 

I continue to explore the topics outlined in my thesis, independent of the support framework of Boston Architectural College. Last year, I attended the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations' Industry Advisory Panel meeting and a couple of seminars at the AIA Convention in DC on the new Design Excellence initiative and the OBO's revised process of awarding contracts.  This made me determined to get more information about the design process in this field.   

I'm expanding my area of interest to include any opportunity to work internationally where a designer would juggle the conditions of culture in the design or buildings that bring together public programs while maintaining security.  


Centrepoint Architects, Somerville, MA, US, Designer

Working as a designer, assisting principals with Schematic design through Construction Documents and Construction Administration, coordinating with other discipline, researching & preparing design details on Commercial and residential projects. Some marketing work creating Sketchup models of buildings with unique exterior material conditions for office portfolio.

Jul 2012 - current

Garofalo Design Associates, Boston, MA, US, Designer & Marketing

Marketking: Produced proposal responses for State, Federal and Local RFPs including housing projects, public schools and municipal facilities; Prepared presentation materials for meetings with State and Local project officials and permit approval; Produced marketing materials (office portfolio, brochures, etc) for distribution and marketing outreach.

Designer: Assisted with Construction Documents including preparing and coordinating specifications and design details for public housing projects, kitchen renovations/rehabilitation, Accessibility modernization work for restrooms and kitchens, Accessible ramp construction and design.

Mar 2011 - Jul 2012

Davis Design Development, Somerville, MA, US, Design Drafter

Forbes Park, mix-use development on a former Industrial Site, Chelsea, MA:
Prepared presentation materials for public meetings and government approval; Secured FAA approval • and community support for wind turbine, and DEP, Chapter 91 and Army Corps of Engineers permits for a contaminated former industrial waterfront property; Collaborated with project architect, subcontractors and consultants and manufacturers/fabricators.

Instituted Smart Growth and sustainable site design principles with the project architect on an urban • waterfront property including the design and development of an extensive stormwater canal system for the reuse of stormwater; Designed and created the shop drawings for a modular wood slat wall system that replaced drywall as room divider in an eco-loft space

Davis Lofts, residential lofts, Somerville, MA (nearing completion):
Designed kitchen layouts for small (550-600 SF) loft units; Designed a custom sink by coordinating with • the unit owner and Corian manufacturer

Prepared Construction Documents including producing design drawings, code research, product research, creating bidding packages and support drawings for permit approvals; Assited with Construction Administration including arranging delivery of construction materials, preparing & executing punchlists.

Acted as a liason for tenants to create post-occupancy punchlists, familiarize new owners with HVAC • systems, preparing a weekly newsletter to keep unit owners informed about Phase II and Phase

Oct 2006 - Apr 2010


Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, MArch, Architecture

Sep 2004 - Jan 2012

Emerson College, Boston, MA, US, Bachelors, Writing, Literature & Publishing

BFA in Writing, Literature & Publishing with a Minor in Magazine publishing

Sep 1996 - May 2000


USGBC EPMA 2011 Design/Build Challenge, 1st Place

USGBC EPMA 2011 Design/Build Challenge: New Urban Tree
Member of winning team - Huggable Canopy

The “Huggable Canopy” is an installation designed to act in place of trees in the urban landscape where natural tree growth or tree survival is difficult. We created a structure that possessed the sheltering capabilities of a tree canopy, providing shade and protection from rain, and mixing that with the life-giving and interactive qualities of the trunk. Currently working with the Boston Greenway organization and YouthBuild Boston to build this structure and display it on the Greenway.


Areas of Specialization