Bryan Finoki

Bryan Finoki

San Francisco, CA, US



CONTRIBUTING WRITER / EDITOR to: GOOD Magazine, Domus, Design Observer, Harvard Design Magazine, Mute Magazine, Volume, Architect Magazine, PLANET Mag, Triple Canopy, Arquine, The State, openDemocracy, Funambulist, and others. 

VISITING FACULTY Woodbury University School of Architecture (San Diego, CA) (2009-2010)

CO-FOUNDER of DEMILIT (DM3) art / landscape / research collective (@demilit)

CO-FOUNDER of 52-BLUE experimental sono-spatial studio


BLOG: [SUBTOPIA: A Field Guide to Military Urbanism -- (Spatial Politics // Counter-Geographies // Carceral Landscapes // Cryptoentomology // Sonic Imaginaries)] @subtopes


"Meet The Bloggers" (Architect Magazine, 2007) -- "...I much prefer the outsider perspective.” - Finoki

My first blog from '04 focussed on homelessness and architecture, used as a platform to organize the very first local volunteer-based chapter for Architecture For Humanity



NEW: 'Dark_Freqs' [18 min. sound collage for Princeton's audio based journal  ATTN Issue #7 Detective Work, edited by Megan Eardley, 2022] 

The Sound of Secrecy (conversation with Megan Eardley, 2022)

Recent Writing:


Design Observer (web) | "(in)Fringe": a new series of audio and text based dispatches exploring "sonic edges" in the San Francisco Bay Area, collaborating with Nick Sowers as "52-Blue."


Collaborative Writing/Projects with DEMILIT:

Coverage of collaborative work with DM3 on the "Oakland Security Cloud." 


Other Selected Writing:



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Compared to What?, Mon, Feb 12 '07

Compared to What?

One Small Project: Wes Janz, Mon, Mar 27 '06

The notion of "leftover space" has always been of great interest to architects, but in the context of global urbanization it conjures a particularly visceral response. Leftover space””in the sense of being ghettoized and depicting a sort of bare essentiality of being in architecture””is ...

One Small Project: Wes Janz

Best of '05: Bryan Finoki, Thu, Jan 5 '06

Best of '05: Bryan Finoki

Hitching Stealth with Trevor Paglen, Sat, Jul 30 '05

Surrounded by No Trespassing signs, we'd reached the end of this dirt road as we poked around Beale Air Force Base looking for a good spot to chill. Our mission was to try and peer into the hangars a few miles out with the right sunlight setting behind us. The national capital of America's stealth ...

Hitching Stealth with Trevor Paglen

De:constructing Recidivism , Mon, Apr 25 '05

Raphael Sperry is the newest president of twenty-two year old national activist group ADPSR, (Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility), and has launched a vital debate that confronts us about our roles in producing the prison industrial complex, our fears of dispensability as a ...

De:constructing Recidivism


University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), Bachelors, Modern Lit./Creative Writing

May 1954 - May 1994

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