Matthew Lindsay

Matthew Lindsay

Toronto, ON, CA



My name is Matthew Lindsay. I am currently applying for admission to a Masters of Architecture Program. The prospect of attending graduate school in the diverse and culture rich metropolis is especially appealing as I believe it will enrich my educational experience and help me grow as a designer and as an individual.  By attending the school alongside prestigious staff, I am seeking to further develop and refine my personal design process and methods to convey conceptual theories.


Robert Maschke Architects, Cleveland, OH, US, Project Designer

Upon graduating from school, I joined Robert Maschke Architects Inc. In my time here I was involved in a wide range of innovative projects. With each project my technical knowledge of construction has grown. By contributing dynamic and noteworthy designs to the built environment, our work received many national, regional, and local honor awards and has been featured in many international publications. While working with Maschke, I came to understand a very important principal: What distinguishes an architect is the ability to turn an ordinary project into exceptional architecture, irrespective of limited budget, unremarkable context and aggressive schedules. My portfolio of work with Maschke is evidence that powerful design is a product of resourcefulness, inventiveness and intensity of effort.

May 2009 - current


Kent State University, Kent, OH, US, Bachelors, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

I began at the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. I easily completed my first year of physics, calculus and chemistry; however I realized it lacked the artistic expression of a profession driven by aesthetics. I transferred into the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University where I learned to combine a fascination for functional and iconic art with an enthusiasm for logical problem solving. As my architectural vocabulary improved I was drawn to unique ways to convey conceptual designs through digital fabrication and rendering. My senior project with a colleague yielded a form too complex to convey with conventional modeling techniques. We sought out the help of the fabrication studios along with abstract diagrams and renderings to display our concept for an iconic, sustainable high rise. The project attracted the attention of students and professors and it received the 2009 Faculty Choice Award for Design.

Aug 2005 - May 2009

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US, Bachelors, College of Engineering

Aug 2004 - May 2005

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