David Meyerson

David Meyerson

New York, NY, US



Over the course of the last five years, I have gained a solid understanding of the financial markets through my background in financial advising and direct sales to hedge funds and the buy-side. 

However, I have come to a crossroads as I look out five, ten and twenty years.   Through due diligence in meeting with professionals, taking courses, and research, the aspect of project/construction management has become my focus.  I to transition my career by initially working with a senior team of project managers, gaining a solid foundation in the process of managing a development process from acquisition to construction.  Additionally, with the experience I gain in the first 6-10 months, I plan to attend NYU’s Schack Institute in either development or construction.  The combination of the two will enable me to excel in a junior position which can become a sr. position within 3-5 years.

My professional background has allowed me to develop critical skills that will inevitably benefit me while working with others in the management process.  Detail tracking, consistent follow-up with clients, and the ability to execute on schedule will inevitably contribute to a jr. management position.  My previous position at UBS and currently at Code Red, have contributed to my ability to persevere in business.  Both positions at UBS and currently at Code Red have required the relentless need to succeed. 

Over the course of the last few months I have met with many professionals in various areas of real estate.  After multiple meetings, it has become clear that construction management suits my strengths the best. Because I am a very process oriented person, as well as an extrovert, working with various specialists and personalities to achieve a common goal would certainly be an environment where I would excel.  Certainly challenges are an everyday part of business, but as I’ve experienced time-in and time-out with work, these challenges must be addressed, and someone must be held accountable.  Strategically addressing clients needs, making deadlines, or have successful production have all been challenges to achieve.  My nature as a person and professional is to always put my best foot forward and grow.

Additionally, I expect to attend NYU’s Schack Institute to gain the additional tools necessary to be successful in the industry.  A position with a consultant/management team would stand as a great foundation before embarking on a masters degree.

I hope to hear from your team and for the opportunity to meet.  
David Meyerson



UBS Financial, New York, NY, US, Investment Associate

After 2 years at UBS working with clients on a regular basis, it was important to gain direct sales experience, so I took my client management experience to Code:Red where I could development my sales acumen on a daily basis.
• Implemented wealth management strategies for high net worth clients to achieve financial goals.
• Strategic analysis of clients’ current financial portfolio and redevelopment of asset structure - Diversify clients’ portfolios with multitude of investment products – Hedge Funds/Fixed Income/Equity/Cash management products/529 plans/ Money Managers.
• Organized wine tasting events for prospects and clients.
• $2m of assets brought in
• Ongoing client service to execute clients’ needs including interpreting account performance.
• Managed, mentored, lead and developed new associates

Jan 2012 - current

Code Red Inc, New York, NY, US, Sales and Business Development

My core responsibility centers upon determining prospects’ needs, producing custom solutions, and delivering a product that addresses a key need for a company. In addition to sales, I am also involved with the marketing and overall business development.
• Create presence in niche market
• Account management through full implementation
• Generated over 500k annually working with billion dollar clients.
• Relationship building with key professionals from pitch to ongoing usage.
• Messaging - Develop case studies, ideas, pitch angles to generate steady stream of media coverage.
• Expand company image in financial marketplace by leveraging third party relationships.
• Trained new employees and clients individually and in groups.

Jun 2008 - current


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US, Bachelors, BS Management

Sep 2000 - Dec 2004