Elysia Mikkelsen

Elysia Mikkelsen

Harrisburg, PA, US



I am a recent graduate from Philadelphia University College of Architecture and the Built Environment. In May 2012 I received my Bachelor of Architecture and a minor in Sustainability. I am currently seeking entry level employment at a firm where I can grow, earn IDP hours, and contribute the knowledge and skills I have learned during my education. I am a hard-working, goal oriented and resourceful individual. I enjoy problem solving, am a quick-learner and take pride in everything I do. 

My education at Philadelphia University allowed me to develop skills in many different facets of design.  I have gathered significant experience in many computer technology programs utilized in the field today, with specific understanding of programs used to create high quality renderings and drawings. My experience in solving design problems has been developed through a variety of different scale projects. Ranging from a residential row home project in the Center City of Philadelphia, to a high-rise housing structure for the homeless. I have accrued skills in site analysis, conceptual and technical design, and model making.

During my Design X Digital Methodologies studio I was able to learn an aspect of architectural design not many are familiar with. Interactive Architecture allows the designer to create a space that reacts or responds to the user, in our class we used programs such as Processing, Arduino, Grasshopper, and Rhino to develop prototypes that reacted to sound, light, and touch through a variety of sensors and displays. I found that even if the technology is not available in the field today to build these prototypes at large scales, the focus on how a user interacts with a space (whether or not the space responds) was invaluable knowledge, and something I find important in any design. 

Philadelphia University's education prepared me for the working world not only by developing the proper technical skills, but by developing strong people/team skills. On more than one occasion I have had experience working with a group of four individuals to complete a project, and have worked with a partner on numerous occasions. These instances have taught me the value of being on a team and knowing how to take an authoritative or individual role. During my Design 9 Comprehensive Studio project I worked with three other students for the semester to complete a project called the Nicetown Center for Urban Renewal which to our gratification was featured in the Philadelphia Center of Architecture "Green Urban and Glocal" exhibition from February 6th, 2012 to March 7th, 2012.



Gatehouse Cafe, Philadelphia, PA, US, Barista/Cashier

- Given artistic responsibilities in managing the graphics and signs to promote the cafe and the daily menu options using Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher.
- Gained valuable customer service skills while handling cash transactions, taking orders, and through food preperations, cleaning and organzing.
- Obtained high levels of responsibility, required to open and close cafe, and update online website.

Jun 2011 - Feb 2012

Philadelphia University Learning and Advising, Philadelphia, PA, US, Office Assistant

- Honed organizational skills when answering phones and questions, making appointments, updating databases, and filing.
- Developed people skills through interaction on a regular basis, required to be friendly and patient.

Sep 2008 - May 2011

Center in the Park, Philadelphia, PA, US, Volunteer/Secretarial Duties

- Gathered valuable organizational by answering phones and questions, making appointments, and updating databases.
- Acquired experience in working with a variety of people at all ages, gaining interpersonal skills that have been applicable in any field.
- Exercised creative skills through the making of advertisements taking place at the center, organized class trips, and filled in for art or dance classes.

Jun 2010 - Sep 2010


Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, US, BArch, Architecture

I completed a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture with classes that included basic and comprehensive design courses, history of architecture, structures, technical education, as well as the many liberal arts courses needed to develop a well-rounded degree. I minored in Sustainability, and took classes involving upcoming architectural technologies, science courses focused on the way our world is changing and the impact we have on it, as well as cultural based courses focused on how to solve housing and other issues of developing countries.

Aug 2007 - May 2012

Areas of Specialization