Micah Ochs

Micah Ochs

New Orleans, LA, US



Educated in the academic discipline of architectural thought and form making, he seeks to create order and meaning, especially in the domains of written, visual, and spatial “making.”

He is a clarifier and harmonizer, continually seeking to perfect and revise systems of order to create greater clarity and internal consistency.

Micah is a global thinker, feeding new information into other thoughts he has gathered seeking patterns and underlying connections.  He loves bringing together different eclectic ideas and seeing what’s similar.  He thinks in terms of integration and similarities and looks for universals.  He often relies on the use of metaphors to bridge different perspectives.

For Micah, asking questions is just a different form of contemplation, a way to explore an inner thought stream and connect back to a deeper reality. 



The Home Depot, New Orleans, LA, US, Cabinet Design Associate

Relying on +150 hours of sales, customer service, and product knowledge training, I interact
directly with customers from the initial in-store qualifying meeting, thru design consultation, sale,
and completion of the cabinet installation. I coordinate with install contractors, store management,
and cabinet manufacturers to ensure a smooth and efficient customer service experience.

Mar 2011 - current

OxenWhite Photography, New Orleans, LA, US, Partner/Photographer

I cultivated the initial brand concept and business model, developed visual branding, and created
digital and social media presence. I photographed over 15 volunteers for Tulane’s School of Public
Health in a pro bono campaign promoting breastfeeding in New Orleans. I edited and packaged the
images which have been used in marketing materials for Tulane’s Mary Amelia Women’s Center.

Oct 2010 - current

Yeates and Yeates Architects, LLC, New Orleans, LA, US, Intern Architect

I was involved in Construction Document generation from initial site analysis to bid-openings.
Tasked specifically with photo-documentation sheets, from initial gathering of images through final
annotations, I refined the methodology by which these were created resulting in a rigorous standard
presentation of the information. I also worked closely with the Principle designing building details
for construction sketches and addenda. I was most notably involved in creating wall sections and
details for the Fannie C. Williams School project.

May 2006 - Sep 2010

2018 Cambronne Rental Renovation Project, New Orleans, LA, US, Design Coordinator/Owner

I set and maintained a consistent design vision for the duration of the project from demolition
through marketing. I worked throughout the process to ensure that each detail decision reflected
the overall design objective: take a foreclosed shotgun and convert it into a medium-end rental
property on a tight budget targeted to Tulane grad students, utilizing as much existing materials as
possible and creating a high end feel through crisp masculine detailing that would also be
maintenance free and long lasting.

Sep 2009 - Aug 2010


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US, MArch, Architecture

Tulane School of Architecture, MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE I

Jul 2000 - May 2006

Areas of Specialization