Vince Mattina

Vince Mattina

Detroit, MI, US



               A Master of Architecture, designer, engineer, project manager, fabricator, craftsman, and coffee lover – a detailed-orientated, motivated, multi-tasking individual. I have played a primary role in the design and development of numerous architectural and exhibit projects constructed and completed locally and nationally serving diverse clientele in the civic, corporate, commercial, residential, educational, and governmental realms. Combining a world class education at the University of Detroit Mercy Graduate School of Architecture with my professional experience, I have developed skills ranging from urban planning, an architect’s role in real estate development, site design, building design, building envelopes, building materials, lighting, mechanical systems, LEED practices, interior design, and interior details.

                Through both a professional and educational setting, I have gained the understanding of construction documentation and detailing. I have realized that as an architect my role is not strictly as a designer, but to be able to coordinate the design and the technical aspects together, understanding that each detail is a part of a larger system and the series of systems together create a whole building. With the work of my master’s thesis and my role at ZI Custom, I have begun to connect these thoughts together. I have completed projects with many levels of complexity and diversity. It has challenged me to use forward and creative thinking to achieve any goal. I have worked on two architectural projects both slated to become LEED certified. I have been fortunate enough to continue my thesis exploration in a professional setting. My thesis dealt with reestablishing architectural identity in a region by reconnecting to that regions historic vernacular architectural materials, architectonics, and spatial arrangement. More formally, it focuses on the idea of sustainable regionalism. While the analysis of my thesis dealt with the understanding of historic differences, its importance is in the way that different settlements in the region constructed and inhabited space due to their location, culture, and climate. I found that the understanding of the material, construction practice, environment, and programs of a building becomes a narrative of the way that construction and inhabitation take place. Through this process and the reflection of my current work, I have learned that the way in which something is constructed allows for restrictions that can drive the design and the process in which ideas are distilled and manifested into the built space. It has given me the opportunity to understand different building styles and construction styles through different scales in the architectural profession. My thesis has given me a way to look at a region and understand how I can apply and infer what I know to something that I do not quite understand. I have developed the ability to understand architecture critically and in a different way than I had previous to this thesis exploration. I have learned how to take queues from the historic structures as guidelines to apply to new architecture. My experiences have given me a way to look at something that has never been done and develop a plan and a series of details completely unique to a certain application and make it work. I am positive this makes me an asset on any project across the country or world; with confidence, I can quickly gain the knowledge and reasoning for coming up with a solution by having an understanding of the thought process.

                I am extremely efficiency on the computer in programs such as CAD, AutoCAD 3D, Revit, Google SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign, all Microsoft Office Programs, drafting, and power hand tools. I have created a firm knowledge base of understanding the programs in which the building is drawn in, but also have the ability to understand how these details may look three-dimensionally and how they may intersect or meet with other pieces. The computer is a great tool to foreshadow how something may look or connect with adjacent materials, obstructions, and abutments.  With an opportunity to display my talents in the work place, I can be an asset on any team.  I am efficient, knowledgeable, and confident in the work place. In any collaboration, I am a willing to put forth the effort and time to complete the project. I work well with others.  Throughout my educational career I have found myself in many group projects, leading the team to success. This is a skill that will be no different in the work place. With my versatility, I have the potential to play an integral role in any part of the project, process, or task.

             I am confident in my ability to enhance any design and technical team. My abilities, talents, and personality can make a difference in the workplace. As stated, I am a versatile young architect that is willing to contribute, learn, and develop within your firm. I am enclosing my resume and portfolio which contains more detailed information on my professional employment history and education. Please review it and contact me at your earliest convenience. I want to thank you both for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply.


ZI Custom, Warren, MI, US, Designer and Engineer

ZI Custom is a unique company specializing in millwork, exhibits, and displays. They have in-house, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass and upholstery manufacturing. My role consists of creating shop, engineering, or architectural drawings for architect approval and manufacturing. I have worked on projects including commercial and residential millwork, retail and automotive exhibits, and architectural prints for residential construction. I have polished my architectural drafting and detailing skills, have a better understanding of interior spaces, and am knowledgeable regarding a variety of materials. I work in direct contact with our production director to gather materials, develop construction details, and manage fabrication in the shop. In addition, I work hand-in-hand with architects and contractors to develop and polish all work we are contracted. I have field experience managing a project from acceptance of contract to installation of millwork, with additional experience in offsite and out of state exhibit set up. I have worked as an integral member of a team to successfully complete and manage a few million dollars of work delivered on time.

May 2012 - current

Designs Unlimited, Birmingham, MI, US, Drafter

Designs Unlimited produces high quality custom cabinetry to fit the needs of their clients. I worked with clients from the beginning phase of schematic deign to design development, proposal acceptance and installation. One of my primary tasks was to use the designer’s sketches to create floor plans and elevations based on the restraints, constraints, and limitations of the cabinets. I would also create computer renderings of the space for the clients. In addition, I formulated proposals for clients using the understanding and manipulation of a margin in order to turn a profit or sell a job. Upon acceptance of a proposal, I worked with the manufacturer to order the cabinets or worked with the factory to facilitate the construction of the job. I created an installation binder to give to the installers to ensure the execution of a concise and flawless installation. The installation manual included detailed and part numbered elevations and plans, installation dimensions, custom made part isometric views, specification for applicable appliances, appliance installation instructions, material selections, and other various installation instructions.

May 2011 - Oct 2011

Schuyler Builders, Sarasota Springs, NY, Design Intern

During this internship, I worked on creating a checklist of the NAHB Green scoring tools in order to help the company easily and quickly understand the point value of certain construction techniques, materials, or building systems. Collaborating with NAHB Verifier, I created a template of the values and objectives that represent Schyuler Builders. Each home built needed a “home owners manual,” which I also created. There are parts in this manual which allow specifications for the building to be pasted in from a library of systems and techniques that the home owner may need to know about their new home. I created the conceptual design of a small cottage to be built on small lot in Albany, New York. I completed and submitted a variance request to the city. In addition, I began the construction documentation for the small cottage and a split-level home.

May 2011 - Jul 2011


University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MArch, Masters of Architecture

Specialized Course Work: Interior Design Studio, Urban Design Studio, Developmental Practicum: Architects Role in Real Estate Development, Regional and Sustainable Development, Community Development, Computer Graphics, and Construction Documentation.

Staff Member- Dichotomy 18: A student published journal which strives to be a critical link between UDM students and the discourses on design, architecture, urbanism, and community development. I contacted potential authors asking for submissions. Upon gathering submissions as part of a team we edited the articles and formatted them for our book

Lecturer: Presented a group design concept at a collaborative brainstorming session on the future of Detroit. The project dealt with daylighting of a historic creek in the city of Detroit. Each waterway was programmed differently to facilitate industry, commerce, and housing.

2010 Polish Exchange Participant: Politechnika Warszawska
Interviewed by Polish National Radio on the topic of water construction, comparing the Wisła in Warsaw and the Detroit River in Detroit.

Academic Project Diversity: Aquifer Research Laboratories, Daylighting of Detroit’s Historic Creeks, Detroit Ecological Institute, Non-Denominational Christian Church, Warsaw Urban Neighbor Redevelopment Plan, Warsaw Green Bike Path Network, Warsaw Collegiate Fashion Campus, Professional Fashion Artists Studios, Something Sweet Gelato Shop in Warsaw, Detroit’s Polish Cultural Center, Small Commercial Space, Violin Maker Studio, and a Building for the act of Storytelling.

Aug 2007 - May 2012

Areas of Specialization