Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson

Halifax, NS, CA



I am currently working towards the completion of my Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University, with a foundation in urban planning and fine arts. Through my education and travel I have developed an interest in understanding and relating cities' complex social and physical constructions. With my work I hope to distill and extract specific urban strategies from around the world to be climatized and implemented in a North American context. I always work towards recognizing the true potential in the places and people around me - the part I am still developing is how to release that potential.



Henning Larsen, Copenhagen, DK, Architectural Intern

At Henning Larsen Architects I was working with larger teams in the design development process. This involved building models of concepts, 3D and physical and engaging in critical discussion. I was able to work on a variety of projects and learn from other international team members.

Sep 2010 - Dec 2010


Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, CA, MArch, Master of Architecture

Studying at Dalhousie has been an incredible experience. Through my studies, work experience and current exchange term I have been developing my own critical views of Canadian architecture, which has allowed me to work towards a future method of practice. The most positive aspect of our school is the balance between conceptual thinking and realized work. The free lab design build project allows us to see a project through from beginning to end, working collaboratively with other students. This has proven to be the most beneficial part of the program and this opportunity is what sets our program apart from others within Canada.

I have recently become critical of the 'fast track' style of program which seems to attract a specific type of student. What this means is that when applying to the school the students primary goal becomes acquiring architectural credentials and a larger, in depth, critical discussion on the direction of the architectural profession is left out. For me this is something that seriously needs addressing in Canada and I am hoping to hold some lectures upon returning from work term in the fall.

Apr 2011 - current

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