Andy Ev

Andy Ev

Los Angeles, CA, US



A PMI accredited Project Manager (PMP) with architectural and construction management degrees and with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Passionate about construction management, design support during construction and project development. Possess strong ability to deliver projects from A to Z and manage multiple tasks simultaneously under demanding timelines. Equipped with superior resource management, quality control and planning skills. Proficient with advanced use of computer-aided Cost Estimating, Scope, Schedule Management and documents control software not limited to: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Primavera, Planswift, Bluebeam, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Outlook, AutoCAD, Sketch-up, Rhino, Revit, Buildertrend, Newforma, ProCore and ProjectWise. Competent in development of complex contracts, proposals, construction documents, create and respond to RFIs, Submittals, CORs and perform material take-offs and value engineering as needed. Familiarity with commercial and residential building and zoning code regulations in Los Angeles and most major adjacent sub-cities. With the specific knowledge and diverse experience in the architectural and construction fields, have proven successful in managing critical deliverables in complex and multi-disciplinary project scenarios. My priority is to provide the best possible management service and innovative project solutions for each client.

  • Management and Business Development Highlights:
  • Technical and Design Support Highlights:

  • Experienced in managing complex projects through various lifecycle stages under restrictive milestones and regulatory constrains from various jurisdictions in the City of Los Angeles and LA County
  • Possess strong ability to coordinate trades, consultants and various Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Ability to conduct team meetings with clear written agendas and meeting minutes, communicate with clients, participate in business development interviews and present clear oral and written presentations as per specific project and/or business demands
  • Competent in preparing (a) cost estimates, (b) fee proposals, (c) scope of work narratives, (d) work plans and (e) project schedules with various levels of detail and complexity


  • Proficient in preparing and reviewing RFIs, CORs, Submittals, Project Claims, Contracts and Proposals
  • Sophisticated in production of complex construction documents (IFC) and specifications
  • Skilful in creating technical reports and memorandums (space needs, questionnaires, basis of design)
  • Qualified to interpret and implement provisions of, but not limited to, the Standard Specifications, CBC and other regulatory requirements
  • Possess diverse experience in commercial, public works, mixed-use and high-end residential projects with great attention to details, contract and legal requirements
  • Familiarity with commonly used concepts & practices within the industry OSHA safety standards



Jensen Construction, La Canada, Operations and Project Manager

1. Scope & Site/Operations Management:
• Scope preparation & reviews with various subs, suppliers & superintendents
• Development of Project Management Plans
• Documents control, daily logs, project(s) close-ups & procedures (including COVID City req’s)
• Development of technical reports, documents, technical writing & construction specifications
• RFIs, Submittals, COs, Bulletins, Site Directives development and monitoring
• Configuration of product specifications for design intend and for compliance with contractual obligations
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development for subs, engineers & utility companies
• Deliverables control and QA/QC
2. Cost Management:
• Cost estimates and fee worksheets preparation
• Project budget baseline control & updates
• Invoices reconciliation with accounting, expenditure reports reviews & approvals
3. Schedule Management:
• Elaborated complex Construction Schedules
• Performed project Schedule reviews & updates
4. Resource Management:
• Coordination with LADBS, LADWP, Frontier, Spectrum, Traffic Control & SOCAL Gas companies
• Work plans development and facilitation
• Trades & resources scheduling and monitoring
• Conducted various project team and safety meetings (virtual and in-person)
• Developed Meeting Agendas & Meeting Minutes with further coordination & tasks approval
• Lessons Learned updates
• Staffing reviews and weekly forecasting
• Coordination of legal reviews with legal entities
5. Stakeholder & Communication Management:
• Stakeholder charter development
• Communication protocol establishment
• Client’s expectation management
• Reputation management, monitoring & control

* Focus on: Residential (Multifamily & Single Home)
Key Projects:
- Penmar Multifamily Residential – Los Angeles, CA
- Marina del Rey Residence – Los Angeles, CA
- Lombard Highend Residence – Pacific Palisades, CA
- Palms Multifamily Residential – Pacific Palisades, CA
- Corona Del Mar Residence – Pacific Palisades, CA

Oct 2019 - current

HDR Engineering, Los Angeles, Project Manager

1. Scope & Risk Management:
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development for various levels of scope complexity
• Deliverables control and QA/QC
• RFP GNG reviews & composition of proposals
• Preparation of Add-Services Requests (ASR)
• Development of Project Management Plans
• New RFP/RFQ Risk Assessment reviews
• Documents control & project(s) close-ups
• Development of technical reports, documents (questionnaires, space needs programs, basis of design) and technical writing
• RFIs, Submittals, COs, Bulletins, Site Directives reviews and responses
• Confirmed product specifications for design intend and for contract compliance
2. Cost Management:
• Cost estimates and fee worksheets preparation
• Earned value management (EVM)
• Project budget baseline control & updates
• Invoices reconciliation with accounting and expenditure reports reviews and validation
3. Schedule Management:
• Elaborated complex Construction Schedules
• Performed project Schedule updates
4. Resource Management:
• Work plans development and facilitation
• Org-Charts elaboration and Matrix of Authority reviews
• Developed of Resource Breakdown Structures (RBS) with consequent monitor and control
• Development of various meeting Agendas
• Conducted project team and safety meetings (virtual and in-person)
• Meeting Minutes preparation and comments
• Lessons Learned updates
• Staffing reviews and weekly forecasting
• Coordinated legal reviews
5. Stakeholder & Communication Management:
• Stakeholder charter development
• Communication protocol establishment
• Client’s expectation management
• Reputation management, monitoring & control
* Focus on: Public, Rail, Transit and Commercial
Key Projects:
- Gold Coast Transit Administration and Operations Facility (prime) – Oxnard, CA
- Pasadena Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility (prime) – Pasadena, CA

- SCRRA (task order, design criteria) – LA, CA
- City of Fresno, Public Utilities (DPU) Operations and Maintenance and Public Safety Fleet Maintenance Facility (prime) – Fresno, CA
- Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), Sunset Maintenance Facility (prime) – Las Vegas, NV
- Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), IBMF Maintenance Facility (prime) – Las Vegas, NV
- LA Metro SES contract reviews (prime) – LA, CA
- LA Metro Division 1 (prime) – LA, CA
- LA Metro Division 9 (prime) – LA, CA
- LA Metro CMF Anchor Points (prime) – LA, CA
- LA Metro Conduit Survey (prime) – LA, CA
- LA Metro R2R ACT Advanced Design, Phase 1 (prime) – LA, CA
-City of Glendale Beeline Maintenance Facility (task order) – LA, CA
- Minneapolis Metro Heywood II Bus Garage (task order) – Minneapolis, MN

Mar 2017 - Sep 2019

Spacecraft Design Group, Los Angeles, CA, US, Senior Project manager

• Management and control of trade contractors
• Ensured site safety with enforced OSHA requirements
• Budget monitoring and contingencies control
• Construction schedules monitoring and control
• Resource Management, staff sourcing and hiring
• Plancheck comments coordination; Obtained permits, modifications and necessary regulatory documentation
• Reviewed DWP and Southern California Gas Company requirements and scheduled necessary inspections and installation services
• Performed material take offs and prepared for proposals and bidding sessions
• Prepared and issued construction contracts
• Reviewed and prepared RFIs, Submittals, Site Directives, Bulletins, Change Orders
• Reviewed and ensured product specifications
• Verified engineering workloads
• Revised final finishes and layouts for quality assurance
• Prepared record drawings
• Coordinated engineering observations, deputy and city inspections as needed
• Conducted meetings with investors, vendors, and consulting engineers
• Assisted with various administrative tasks

* Focus on: Commercial and Retail

Key Projects:
- The Arbor Restaurant – Pasadena, CA
- Bluebird Brewery – Ventura, CA
- NO10 LLC Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA
- Stalking Horse Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA

Apr 2016 - Apr 2017

ANR Signature, Los Angeles, Senior Construction Manager

• Helmed various high-end construction projects with hillside restricted conditions
• Developed Quality Control Plans
• Coordinated & interviewed staffing (30+ people)
• Monitored and controlled construction schedules
• Ensured site safety and implemented OSHA requirements
• Handled plan-check reviews, corrections, obtained permits and modifications
• Coordinated DWP and Southern California Gas Company inspections and services
• Performed material take offs
• Prepared bid packages
• Issued proposals and rendered contracts
• Reviewed budgets and managed costs
• Prepared purchase orders
• Issued RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders
• Prepared Site Directives and Bulletins
• Confirmed product specifications for design intend and general compliance
• Handled structural, civil and geotechnical observations, site surveys, deputy and city inspections
• Conducted meetings with investors, vendors, clients, consulting engineers and in-house design team
• Assisted in preparation of record drawings
• Performed punch lists and project closure activities
* Focus on: Multifamily and high-end Residential
Key Projects:

- WEHO Fairfax Multifamily Residence – WEHO, CA
- Stoner Multifamily Residence – Santa Monica, CA
- Bel Air Residence 1 – Bel Air, CA
- Bel Air Residence 2 – Bel Air, CA
- Stone Canyon Residence – Bel Air, CA
- Fontenelle Way Residence – Los Angeles, CA
- Hudson Residence – Los Angeles, CA

Dec 2014 - Feb 2017

IA Interior Architects, Los Angeles, CA, US, Project Architect and Project Manager

• Resource Management
• Staffing Meetings and forecast
• Resource Breakdown Structure development
• Plan-check reviews and city permit submittals
• Coordination with clients, consulting engineers, construction management team, vendors & subcontractors
• Prepared various meeting agendas
• Prepared and reviewed design proposals
• Performed budget reviews
• Prepared cost estimates
• Revised proposals and issued contracts
• Performed risk assessments activities
• Reviewed and prepared specifications for design intend and general compliance
• Reviewed finishes and construction details
• Assisted in development of DD and CD documents
• Coordinated shop drawings, submittals, change orders, RFIs and issued site directives
• Performed punch list for project closure activities
• Prepared Record Drawings
• QA/QC various stages of design development from schematics to IFB & IFC completion

*Focus on: Commercial, Hospitality, Public Works and Retail

Key Projects:

- Equinox Fitness Club – Glendale, CA
- Equinox Sales Office – Glendale, CA
- Equinox Fitness Club – Hollywood, CA
- Food Court - Glendale, CA
- Verizon Headquarters Campus – Irvine, CA
- Verizon Commercial Offices – Folsom, CA
- MGM Commercial Offices – Beverly Hills, CA
- Beitler Retail Store/Showroom – Hollywood, CA
- Amazon Commercial Offices – Santa Monica, CA
- Tyler Restaurant – Orange County, CA

Jul 2012 - Dec 2014

ANB Group, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, US, Development Coordinator & Construction Manager

• Researched and analyzed various lots and properties for future developments
• Performed fund raising activities
• Validated zoning and planning analysis

• Obtained geotechnical reports
• Obtained value engineering reports
• Determined building envelop constrains for future assessment activities
• Developed package proposals
• Developed budget spreadsheets
• Determined various development constrains and presented available reports to the pool of investors and fund control companies for continuous negotiations
• Reviewed proposals and coordinated with legal experts
• Performed earn-value analysis
• Controlled and monitored trade contractors and consultants on multiple projects
• Maintained construction schedule activities
• Performed material take offs
• Prepared and revised construction proposals, contracts, and purchase orders
• Issued RFIs, Submittals and Site Directives
• Reviewed product specifications
• Conducted meetings with investors, vendors, construction crew and consulting parties
• Coordinated meetings with purchasing and accounting departments
• Performed various administrative tasks

*Focus on: Multifamily, Mixed-use and Residential

Jan 2005 - Jan 2012

Aaron Neubert Architects, Silver Lake, CA, Project Architect

• Development of 3-D Models, Renderings and CAD backgrounds (Rhino, V-Ray and 3-D Max Studio) for design and construction documents, mock-ups, sketches, graphic design & 3D-fabrication.
*Focus on: Residential.
- Key Projects:
- Mainfold Residence - Silver Lake, CA
- Outpost Residence - Hollywood Hills, CA

May 2009 - May 2010

Disney-ABC Network Group, Los Angeles, CA, US, Project Architect

Specialty within the theme park, entertainment industry and public structures. Preparation for red carpet events with broad implementation of MEP and civil restrictions and use. Space planning & landscape design. Preparation of various Design Development sets for permitting.

*Focus on: Public Works & Public Events

Key Projects:
- Disney Park Theme Events - Anaheim, CA
- Red Carpet Events & El Capitan Events - Hollywood, CA
- Premiere Theater on Broadway - New York, NY

Sep 2004 - Nov 2006

PZARC, Los Angeles, CA, Project Architect & Permit Expeditor

Expedited building permits, obtained necessary modifications & other critical approvals that impact building occupancy and function. Performed quality reviews for CBC, ADA, and Title 24 compliance. Coordinated with various city departments & industry officials (Los Angeles, Glendale, Culver City, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Pomona, Malibu, Orange County, Pasadena and Oxnard). Was technically involved into production of Design & Construction Documents, space planning layouts, schematic design, interior design, material boards, mockups and digital documentation. Performed various administrative tasks.

*Focus on: Industrial Warehouses, Commercial
Key Clients:
- Wolcott Architects
- Gensler

May 2001 - Jul 2004

American Concrete, Inc., Los Angeles, Foreman

Monitored and controlled onsite daily work. Squared out building perimeters, coordinated placement of concrete for various footing types, pads, grade beams, piles, retaining walls and structural slabs according to approved plans, soils reports and structural document constrains. Verified and located waterproofing membranes, rebars slab depressions, stem walls and placement of framing hardware. Checked plans and ordered required materials for efficient daily operations according to established construction schedule. Ordered concreted trucks and maintained project records. Requested necessary engineering observations, deputy, city inspections & surveying services as needed. Helmed various daily field tasks among staff.

*Focus on: Commercial concrete paving & finishes, residential pools, R&R driveways, laying new flatwork, base & various types of foundations

Oct 1999 - Apr 2001


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2005 - May 2010

The Academy of Entertainment and Technology, Santa Monica, CA, US, Interoir Architecture

Jun 2001 - Jun 2004

National State Polytechnic Academy, Belarus, Bachelors, Construction Management

Sep 1995 - Jun 1999

National Gymnasium of Fine Arts, Belarus, High School, Fine Arts

Sep 1985 - Jun 1995


Woodbury University, Nomination

Honored an Excellence in Woodbury Academical Achievements (GPA-3.67).


Areas of Specialization