Alex Edwards-Hastings

Alex Edwards-Hastings

San Jose, CA, US



I am a graduate from University of California, Davis. I graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture and I would really enjoy working in the field!!! I enjoy what landscape architecture because of how much diversity there is when working. I hope to become a city planner or urban designer one day, but first I would just like to put my foot in the door!!!! I currently live in San Jose and living out here is a great way to get ideas and see how to change the city for the better.


University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, US, BArch, Landscape Architecture

Construction documents, Computer design, conceptual design with model showing, City design with City redesign.

-Field jobs (one day trips to see site)
-Conceptual design (realistic deadlines)
-Committee based review boards

Simulation of a Landscape office binding on a job without the competition.

Sep 2004 - Jul 2008

Areas of Specialization