bryan boyer

bryan boyer

Detroit, MI, US



Bryan is a Strategic Design Lead at Sitra, The Finnish Innovation Fund, where his work includes the piloting of design-led approaches to social challenges such as ageing and climate change. He received his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and has worked previously as an architect of both software and buildings.


At Archinect, Bryan's projects include:

PS1 Young Architects Program Peoples' Choice Award: an unsolicited re-jury of the 2011 PS1 competition, as well as the wrap up reflections.

Live Forever: The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition

Switzerland, We Have A Problem: A competition to redesign the minaret in response to surprising political shifts in the neutral country

(The original!) Harvard GSD School Blog including Elite Modeling School, a series of Rhino tutorials:

EMS Day 1

EMS Day 2

EMS Day 3

EMS Special Stairs Edition


bryan's Featured Articles on Archinect

PS1 YAP 2011 Wrap-up, Mon, Jun 13 '11

With the winning PS1 entry by Interboro Partners being installed right now, Archinect takes a moment to catch up with Formlessfinder, winner of the Peoples' Choice Award, to talk about the how and the why of innovative architecture.

PS1 YAP 2011 Wrap-up

2011 PS1 Young Architects Program People's Choice Award, Wed, Feb 23 '11

Archinect is pleased to announce the PS1 People's Choice Award, an honor bestowed upon the PS1 competition entry that is selected by public vote as the architectural community's favorite.In 2000 the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 launched the Young Architects Program (YAP), an annual ...

2011 PS1 Young Architects Program People's Choice Award


Earlier this year, Archinect brought you the Michael Jackson Memorial Competition . Now let's turn our focus towards current events and delve into the strange intersection of religious rights, freedom of expression, and architecture. This is an open call for ideas to help Switzerland navigate its ...


Student Works: Putting Utopia Back To Work, Mon, Oct 27 '08

Starting with an adaptation of Jorg Schlaich’s solar chimney power generators, Behin's project employs the stack effect to moderate the temperature of the city, and to provide for some of its energy needs. Already a successful engineer-entrepreneur when he decided to study architecture, Behin ...

Student Works: Putting Utopia Back To Work

In Memoriam: Cooper Mack, Tue, Sep 23 '08

Editor's note: When you think about it objectively, the community of architects is surprisingly small. This summer, William Cooper Mack (April 2, 1982-June 3, 2008), a promising young American architect working in London, succumbed to Leukemia, leaving our community a little bit smaller still ...

In Memoriam: Cooper Mack

BackStory: Casa Da Musica, Sun, Nov 4 '07

BackStory is an Archinect series that focuses on personal experiences of well-known buildings from those who are closest to them: docents, owners, janitors, occupants, and others. This is the expanded view or the bonus features that we may add to the official documentation of a project. Each entry ...

BackStory: Casa Da Musica

Blue Monday: Explores Empire, Mon, Jul 23 '07

Kazys Varnelis comes pre-caffeinated. You can imagine what he's like when you add a couple shots of espresso to the mix and sit down for a conversation that launches through open source software, social ecologies, the academy, Los Angeles, and even a dash of gossip stirred in with other topics ...

Blue Monday: Explores Empire