Rafael Nuche Lahera

Rafael Nuche Lahera

Cadiz, ES



Social skills and competences:

Used to team work, and coaching new members into the work ways of the architecture practice.

Organisational skills and competences:

Used to deal with clients, (from individuals to cooperative groups) to identificate needs and provide information required, with consultants for technical assistance, and contractor´s workers to attend their demands or provide updated information.
Also used to work at the same time in various ongoing buildings



Architectural practice “M.A. Lopez arquitectos” C/Imagen nº1 2ºB, Architect assistant

Preparation of every technical and administrative information needed in order to obtaining public approvals and tenders. Supporting construction process. Worked in several large housing blocks.
Coordination (under supervision) of technical departments from internal ones to external consultants

Feb 2008 - Feb 2011

Architectural practice “Vicente Serrano González” C/Real 190, San Fernando Cádiz, Assistant

Different tasks assisting dwellings reinstatement. Also work at dwelling ratings

Sep 2006 - Mar 2007

Don Miguel Ángel Gutierrez – Alviz Conradi. Teacher of Urban planning at the Architecture School of Seville, Assisting the preparation of the PhD work “Recovery of 1992 Seville Universal Exhibition buildings”

Information analysis, preparation of buildings files and composing the display

Oct 2005 - Jun 2006


Universidad de Sevilla, MArch, Architecture

-Structure and services calculation
-Construction management and supervision

Oct 2000 - Jun 2007

Areas of Specialization