Bernardo dos Passos

Bernardo dos Passos

Berlin, DE

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Born in Madeira on April 89. I am a versatile, creative and hard-working professional, with a balanced approach to the creative process (between functionality and aesthetics), who always perseveres to achieve the best results individually and in teams.


BSK Architekten Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin, DE, Architect

interior architecture design | building renovation | design with building regulations | making presentations | directing/ contacting all different building construction specialties | analyzing, understanding, interpreting, and solving client requests and briefs| working on the field, documenting and doing problem analysis | Graphic designing layouts, dossiers, posters | execution projects | construction | directing complete project designs | (LPH 1-5 nach §34 HOAI)

Mar 2018 - Nov 2022

Freelance, Porto, PT, Interior Architect

independent | design and execution of the SUTPC headquarters in Shenzhen | participation in all phases of interior design | experience in remote work | supervising construction teams | directing/recruiting an interior design team

May 2017 - Feb 2018

Shenzhen A+E Design Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen, CN, Architect in the International Design Studio

concept design of many big-scale projects in teamwork | designing within a short time | highrise and lowrise | working with professionals in different sectors and specialties | participation in demanding competitions | adapting the design and process with different dogmas

Mar 2016 - Apr 2017


Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, UNIVERSITY OF PORTO, Masters, Architecture

Master’s Degree in Architecture

Sep 2009 - Jun 2017

Melbourne School Of Design, UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, Masters, Architecture

Master’s Degree in Architecture (Student exchange program)

Feb 2013 - Feb 2014

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