Lizao Chen

Lizao Chen

Philadelphia, PA, US



·Completed each task on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. Able to focus on work for a long time, possessing strong self-discipline and executive ability.

·Strong team spirit. Good at listening and put forward personal views, getting the best solution through exchanging ideas.

·Good anti-pressure and emotion management ability. Able to well complete tasks under heavy pressure, at the same time treating people around as friendly as usual.

·Strong learning ability, quick to master new skills. Twice recalled by internship companies to work as intern for the second year.



Shanghai South Urban Construction Institute co. LTD, Shanghai, CN, Intern Architect

Salt City Business Street, Jiangsu, China, 2018
Collaborated with civil and equipment department to facilitate a smooth progress on the project.
Scheduled timetable and assignment of each department, made sure an appropriate working load and time budget.
Especially took charge of the design of some certain facades of shops. Finished part of 2D plans, elevations and sections.
Developed and produced 3D model.

Port-surrounding Kindergarten, Shanghai, China, 2017
Took responsibility for part of the 2D drawings, including plans, master plans, roof plans and elevations.
Collaborated to design the gate of the Kindergarten.
Made graphic presentation in weekly meeting to articulate ideas and concepts as well as exchange views with colleagues.

Jun 2017 - Jul 2018

Shanghai TJQH Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai, CN, Summer Internship

Mega Logistics Warehousing Project, Jiangsu, China , 2016
Looked in specification about storage and logistic system and gave advice on construction regulations and standards.
Focused on the entrance space design including the space and interior design.
3D modeled the entrance space and the site.
Made the draft physical model for further research.
This project has been completed and put into operation.

High-rise Residential Complex, Dalian, China, 2015
Participated in previous marketing research and field research, involving local culture, weather, surroundings, hydrology, typography.
Took part in drawing plans and elevations.
Finished the 3D mountain typography model.
This project has been completed and put into operation.

Jun 2015 - Jul 2016


University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, PA, US, MArch, Architecture

Focusing on high level design research in contemporary issues that affect the architecture discipline. Developing skills in emerging design and cross-disciplinary tools. Critically engaging the theoretical dimensions of the contemporary architectural discourse.

Sep 2018 - current

Shanghai Institute of Technology, China, Shanghai, CN, BArch, Architecture

Traditional and systematic architectural study. Courses involved Fundamental Architectural Design, Hand Drawing, Ecological Architecture, Structure Modeling Design, Architectural Mechanics, Architectural Physics, History of Architecture, etc.

Sep 2013 - Jun 2018

Areas of Specialization