Sean Trudel

Sean Trudel

Toronto, ON, CA

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An aspiring designer, I begin the next phase of my journey towards becoming an architect. My interest in the field originated from my experiences of living in various cities throughout Japan and Canada. Drawing comparisons between these urban centers revealed the unique cultural identities and fundamental social values that shaped the built environment. From these observations, I developed a deep curiosity on the effects of spatial quality on the inhabitants and the local urban fabric. I hope to contribute towards the continuously evolving identity of cities.

Sean K. Trudel B.A.S., LEED Green Assoc.



Tact architecture, Toronto, ON, CA, Junior Architectural Designer

Jun 2018 - current


Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, CA, BArch, Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Carleton’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies focuses on knowledge, experience, creativity and imagination. The program encourages students to explore ideas through making, evaluate ideas within the context of the human experience, and exercise creativity through writing, model making, drawing, digital media and presentations.

Carleton’s Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism awards the pre-professional Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) degree upon successful completion of our four-year program of study.

The program lays a broad foundation on which architectural studies are built. Students will take courses in architecture, design, drawing and multimedia applications, as well as specified general studies in engineering, art history and social sciences.

Sep 2013 - Jun 2017


Stantec Architecture prize for excellence, Nomination

The Stantec Architecture prize for excellence is awarded annually by the Director of the School of Architecture on the recommendation of the Stantec Architecture Prize Selection Committee. Recipients are selected based on excellence in their fourth year comprehensive studio project. The selection is made by a committee consisting of three faculty members from the School of Architecture and two representatives to be determined by Stantec Architecture Ltd. Established 2007 by Stantec Architecture Ltd.

The Comprehensive Studio addresses selected architectural questions through the detailed integration of concept, site analysis, building components, systems, structure, materiality, and logic of construction. The Studio tests the limits of architectural theory through both making and historical reflection and is indicative of the School’s ongoing commitment to the practice of architecture.


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