Batshit Crazy, bruh

Batshit Crazy, bruh

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Architects take themselves way too seriously.  Get over it ;)

Most wear too much black, care about first impressions, and just don't doodle in the drugs and philosophy enough to have any....



Initially, this archinect profile was created for the "Creations and Analysis Out of Boredom " Blog. 

Some of what is written on archinect is fiction.  Some of this text is a character in fiction, and some of it's actually true...but as Manuel Delanda would enforce while discussing in book format 'Realism and Materialism' with Graham Harman - a Gilles Deleuze theory, fiction is very real. 

T.S. Eliot, Jim Morrison, Colin WilsonKurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk, Douglas Coupland, Hunter S. Thompson, Rem Koolhaas, Ray Bradbury, Albert Camus, George Carlin,Manuel DeLanda, Friedrich NIetzsche, Jean Baudrilliard,Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Weber, Peter Eisenman..

In the real world, Batshit Crazy runs a small office (like a madman) and is licensed in 6 states (USA)... oh yeah, I'm licensed!


consciousness, over there, tapping in

search on Youtube for "Colin Wilson on Peak Experience", you will find


Jan 2018 - current

Education, the internet, sprirituality

Thesis - The internet until Netscape was a place for cerebral dreamers, those capable of distinguishing fact from fiction, but after Netscape, and much later with the introduction of Social Media, the average dreamer replaced all of their religion with the internet and allowed their soul to be represented by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...unintentionally allowing their soul to be quantified. Quality of Existence is now gone. The internet is now the spiritual world. Your soul is an algorithm and bots are real.

Jan 2000 - current


Eddie Vedder, 1st Place

1:48...I don’t know what this means … I don’t think it means anything. That’s just the way I feel. There’s too many bands, and you’ve heard it all before.


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