Sarwat Mubarak

Sarwat Mubarak

Dubai, AE



This is Architect Sarwat Mubarak here, currently working in a Dubai based design firm, UAE. I am involved in a wide range of quality design projects of innovation nature. My education in architecture together with 9 plus years of working experience in the design of residential, educational, mixed-use commercial, religious, interior and master planning projects makes me a valuable candidate to work with this firm and be a part of it. I keep my designs simple by believing in responding to climate, integrating nature into the built environment and make the space a happy place. I am looking forward to meeting new people and communicating to them and from there new ideas and new situations. I enjoy doing my work. I have experienced all steps of project design from initial concept through detailing to completion on site. I believe I will use my design and management skills including work & site coordination, convincing clients and coordinating with consultants in order to strengthen the design team and provide added value to the clients. I would love to work in an environment which makes everyday new and different – with new projects and new challenges, in an environment that is innovative and allows me the opportunities to make a positive contribution to the design quality of built environment and gives me freedom to design healthy spaces for mind and body. 


Jan 2000 - Jan 2005

Areas of Specialization