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Tighe Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


REDONDO BEACH HOUSE Redondo Beach, California

The 3,000 sq.ft. residence is located in Redondo Beach, California, half a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The design is comprised of a massing of faceted volumes surrounding a central courtyard. The building is grounded at the suburban neighborhood condition and rises to the west to maximizeviews to the ocean and the city. The scale of the neighborhood is preserved by the single-story massing at the street. The larger, more expressive volume extends toward the ocean.

The two building volumes intertwine creating a central courtyard where the glass walls open to an outdoor room. This courtyard garden is the focus of all activity and also functions as the main entry. The courtyward typology is exploited, turning the house inside out and focusing the energy inwards.

An east-west axis is maintained as the two entities circumscribe the courtyard. Folded metal roof planes conceal multiple exterior decks. The roof surface becomes the façade, breaking down the scale of the building while simultaneously offering a cohesive transition from one level to the next. The master bedroom floats above the swimmers’ pool. The body of water has a strong connection to the building and its effects are experienced throughout the house. It also references the residence’s proximity to the ocean.

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Status: Built