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Tighe Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


LIVE OAK STUDIO Los Feliz, California

The site is a wedge shaped piece of land at the junction of two winding streets in the Hollywood Hills. The building is seen as a continuation of the landscape, the massing is reflective of the mountainous surroundings. The program consists of a painting studio, master bedroom suite and loft. The project is strategically placed so as to not compete with the adjacent Wallace Neff house. The new building stands alone but also compliments the existing by using a similar palette of materials. From the parcel, a commanding view of the Griffith observatory is dominant. The omnipresent Hollywood sign is above and the Los Angeles city scape is in the distance.
The spaces are processional in the sense that many experiences are had as one ascends. A path is provided that takes one through the building. The interior spaces, their program and the notion of the journey define the exterior form of the building. A series of framed views from which to experience the power of the site are set up along the way. Glimpses of beyond are provided in anticipation of the final destination. The double height studio space is to be used by the painter. Indirect light filters in from the stairwell shaft. The oversized sliding door is 20’ tall and opens to a direct view of the Observatory. From the studio, one continues up to the loft. The stairwell is sandwiched between two walls, storefront glazing exists at either end, the mature trees of the site are visible. The second level opens to a roof deck with a grand exterior stair. The roof terrace at the top of the building allows one to experience the extraordinary views. The plateau is a stage, set with the Hollywood Hills and the major icons of Los Angeles as a background.
The building is built on a substandard hillside site and subject to the hillside ordinance provisions. Nine reinforced concrete caissons that extend 30-50 deep anchor the studio into the slope. 30” deep grade beams tie the caissons together; a concrete slab on grade is the finish floor. (The extensive foundation consisted of 1/3 of the construction budget). An exposed steel moment frame vertically cantilevers out from the foundation and compensates for the heavy roof load. The building is wood frame with steel components. The exterior is stucco. The roof decks are an elastomeric membrane decking. The grand stairs are pre-cast concrete planks.

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Status: Built