Tighe Architecture

Tighe Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


Hollywood Hills House

The residence is located within a heavily wooded site in the Hollywood Hills. The project falls under the jurisdiction of the Mullholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and as such the building has minimal impact on the site. The house is strategically situated to be hidden from view but at the same time designed to maximize views from within. A layering of building strategies is used to create the 3,500 square foot residence inspired by the strata of the mountainous surroundings. The design consists of stacking 2 bar buildings, each situated to take full advantage of the 3-acre hillside site.
The base is a faceted monolithic rectangular volume rendered in an exposed, reinforced, board-formed concrete. The main living level opens to the terrace and to the mountain and city views. The second level is rotated 170 degrees and contains the private functions of the home. The floating mass is punctuated by series of openings that frame specific views. The openings are protected with a layer of screens that allow for sun protection and privacy. The cantilevers of the second story volume define the entry portico on one end and the master suite at the other.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US