Tighe Architecture

Tighe Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


ASHCROFT West Hollywood, California Architecture, Interior Design

The project for a writer’s retreat is at once secluded from, and central to, the city of Los Angeles. It is sited within close proximity to the Pacific Design Center and the massing and form of the new building reference the nearby iconic Pelli monoliths. The 2,500 sq.ft. live-work space consists of a double-height volume tapering in planto create a forced perspective and then opening out toward the adjacent gardens, exaggerating the scale of the gardens. North light filters through the clerestory window above washing the cascading planes of the interior ceiling-scape with a soft, natural light. The folded roof descends toward and opens up at the street where a connection is made between the privacy of the building and the public space including the passersby of West Hollywood. This mirrors the idea of public vs. private inherent in the design of the project located in the middle of Los Angeles yet simultaneously and intentionally separate.

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Status: Built