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OPEN Architecture

Beijing, CN


Pingshan Performing Arts Center

The Pingshan Performing Arts Center's architectural discourse develops around the dialogue between formal and informal spaces and programs, with the building’s “formal” core—a large opera house—surrounded by “informal” spaces and functions, including classrooms, rehearsal rooms, a black-box theater, a flexible function hall, and multi-level gardens. A public promenade weaving through the building links these informal components and creates an interesting dialogue between the building’s simple volume and its rich urban and natural environment. Its façade is conscious of the local climate and includes perforated panels which block solar radiation while allowing natural light and air to permeate. At night, digital art displays allow the skin to be both ecological and dramatic. In strategically introducing spaces for cultural performance and community engagement alongside each other, Pingshan’s design breaks from the mono-function Cultural Landmark typology and allows for the creation of a real performing arts center able to both serve the public and achieve operational sustainability.


Design Year:                       2013

Status:                              Under Construction

Client:                               Pingshan Dist. Government, Shenzhen

Program:                           1200-seat theater, 150-seat black box theater, dance studio, instrument and choral rehearsal rooms, café and restaurant

Building Area:                     23,542 m²

Location:                           Shenzhen, China


Architecture & Interior Design: OPEN Architecture

Principals in Charge:           Li Hu, Huang Wenjing

Project Team:                     Ye Qing, Zhou Tingting, Zhang Hanyang, Xing Shu, Luo Ren, Andrea Antonucci, Sun Xinying, Zhang Chang, Jia Han, Sabrina Wu, Zhang Hao, Cynthia Yurou Cui, Angela Nodari

Local Design Institute:        Shenzhen Aube Engineering Design Consultant Co., Ltd

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Shenzhen, CN