Olta Molla

Olta Molla

New York, NY, US



Marine Research and Learning Center (in harmony with nature)

Site Design: Salt River Bay is an opportunity to explore and educate the public, visitors and scientists on the cultural, ecological and historical context that lies within the boundaries of the site. This park is unique not only because it is a national park, but it is also an educational outreach center. I see the creation of a Marine Research and Learning Center in the park as an opportunity to activate the park and to bring the community and the scientist closer to knowledge, awareness and nature.

Building Design: The site needs a design that harmonizes with the landscape, rather than standing out against it. To simultaneously integrate the facility into the landscape and reduce energy cost, the project is divided into a series of above ground buildings all connected together and partially surrounded by buildup earth berms. In this way, neighbors see only a beautiful park landscape instead of a collection of intrusive buildings. The research laboratories and recreational facilities are arranged towards the east in order to fully take advantage of the incredible views that Salt River Bay offers.


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Status: School Project
Location: VI,USA