Oliver Pershav

Oliver Pershav

Tokyo, JP


Simonsson House

In this beachside village in southern Sweden, most lots are divided into rectangles facing the adjoining road on the short side, with the building typically placed perpendicularly to the boundaries. I was asked to design an extension to a small vacation house in this area, but when I visited the site I found the existing building facing the site diagonally. Although this made the buildable footprint unusually narrow, I decided to develop this diagonal relationship into a quality for the new extension.

During the design process, the client decided to demolish the existing building, but expressed desire to keep our schedule. To avoid a time-consuming redesign, we decided to reuse the existing foundation, keeping the diagonal plan, saving time and reducing costs.

The final building surrounds a central terrace, a private space sheltered from the prevailing sea winds. In order to keep the required distance to the neighboring plots, the living room, kitchen and bathroom were arranged diagonally, making the most of the southern light as well as creating variations in coziness and privacy. The building was then topped by a series of roofs with variations in pitch, partitioning the space from above and keeping it open while preserving the unique places formed by the diagonal plan.

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Status: Built
Location: Åhus, SE
My Role: Architect