Oliver Pershav

Oliver Pershav

Tokyo, JP


Prism Court Tsukishima

On a narrow, deep site in the bay area of central Tokyo, facing a nearby park, Hiroyuki Ito Architects designed and completed an apartment building comprising 9 studio flats, 8 of them with lofts. Our idea was to create spaces each of unique qualities making the most of the surrounding sights and light conditions, while also keeping costs down and maximising the GFA.

We proposed a load-bearing concrete shell, punctuated by a varied but highly controlled window layout, each one informing the position of the interior loft floor. The layout of the windows reflects at once practical considerations such as structural requirements and emergency escape routes, as well as providing privacy of the inhabitants as dictated by the dense urban landscape. The result is a consistent but flexible interior space, spacious yet highly cost-effective.

I was project leader throughout the basic and detailed design stages, developing the design idea and creating the bidding documentation, later transferring the main responsibility of construction supervision to my colleagues.

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Status: Built
Location: Tokyo, JP
My Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Hiroyuki Ito (Partner-in-charge), Shibata Munenori, Ryu Furukawa