Oliver Pershav

Oliver Pershav

Tokyo, JP


J18 Loft Office

In 2017, Hiroyuki Ito Architects was invited to design an office building of 38,000 ㎡ for the J18 development in the city of Zhengzhou in China, whose main features were to be a series of alternating floor heights allowing for the insertion of 1 or 2 loft office levels, increasing the usable floor area. This provided the challenge of creating a loft office space that was at once cozy, attractive, and bright, while keeping the GFA.

We proposed a new kind of structural system comprising 3 types of arched beams ("arch", "house", and "curtain"), a hybrid between a column/beam and shear wall system. Thanks to their unconventional design, we could provide more spacious and flexible loft layouts and a degree of circulation typically not seen at this density. The distribution of the beam types was then optimised according to dead, live, environmental, and seismic loads, reducing overall costs and improving structural efficiency. The diagonal "tunnels", created by this beam distribution, created a strong link between the office interior and the nearby public plaza.

I led the project from the first fee proposal through the concept, schematic and design development phases, responsible for design, client presentations and briefings, and team coordination inside our office and with external consultants.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: zhengzhou, CN
My Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Hiroyuki Ito (Partner-in-charge), Marta Martinoglio, Shibata Munenori, Matthieu Provoost, Hiroyuki Ito Architects