Mexico, MX



On this occasion we have the task of expand and modify the area of an existing House, the main reason was that the image of the original House did not meet the expectations of their owners, the second goal was that functionally the House needed a breakfast room, a large master bedroom, one balcony to another bedroom and "access with more view" in the words of the customer. This was to set the standard of the project resulting in the House grew to front and only a terrace is toward the back of the house. I believe that only two elements were responsible for the final nature of this project. The first was a double wall that rises as the first plane of the facade and has two opening square at different heights with glass placed bone to achieve something simple and clean. The second element was a band or envelope so call it, comes out of the interior of the House through a new window where the access was, in his career serves as a base for pots to pass in front of the kitchen, changes direction and rises to exceed the height of the House to then become horizontal and travel now away from their origin. This envelope changes direction to meet the new roof slab facing master bedroom and thus lost. This was the integration of the new with what already exists, an element with a single language and a single piece.

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Status: Built
Location: San Pedro Cholula, MX
My Role: Prinacipal
Additional Credits: Arq. Sonia López
Ing. Jose Gutierrez
Arq. Omar Rivera Dominguez