Mexico, MX


• Casa "Los Patios" (Courtyards House)

The assignment was to make the project a home for elderly couple. The program defined mostly by the Lady should be developed on one floor. The spaces were the usual: garage, living room, guest bathroom, kitchen, patio cleaning, guest bathroom, master bedroom, bedroom and a shared bathroom visits to both bedrooms. This within a field of 12.5 x 18 m with two free boundaries and two facades, one northeast and the other southeast.
The project was solved easily and we obtained a contemporary architectural approach and perhaps common. However, and as usual, the project began to change, all based on the client application, not that he disliked the proposal which had been submitted, but wanted more and larger spaces. Then again began to scratch the ground and draw new sketches. Finally, an architectural program was obtained as follows: garage, study, living room, guest bathroom, kitchen with breakfast bar, patio cleaning, tv room, guest bathroom, master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, guest bedroom and one more bathroom. Speaking in meters field was 225 m2 of which occupy 108 m2, with the new program grew to 165 m2 leaving only 60 m2 free. This led to the project for a moment to become a bunker, as if it were just one of the houses in the neighborhood, without natural breathing, no view, no air ... So we kept looking for a way out, eventually the project went ahead by 4 yards, three of them called "courtyards" same as the house managed to breathe, and light naturally, then spaces were developed around the courtyards, somehow the house was due to the concerns and needs of the client but inside the atmosphere created by the architect.
So I think that this project despite its formally show perhaps little has so far been found that greater balance within the bounds of reality in an small office in a country like this. And I think that in this way we were given the opportunity to make that space is the important point, beyond how are the feelings and emotions in humans.

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Status: Built
Location: Puebla de Zaragoza, MX
My Role: Principal
Additional Credits: Arq. Sonia López
Ing. José Gutiérrez C.
Arq. José Palma V.
Arq. Abdiel Isaachar C.
Arq. Gabriela Estrada