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Modern classic interior design houses

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May 25, '16 11:06 AM EST
Modern classic interior design houses
Modern classic interior design houses

When you move to a new condo, it is only natural that you wish to leave a mark in one way or another. This is why there are plenty of people that wish to start redecorating the condo from scratch and make each room a personalized and intimate space. Nonetheless it is not that easy to start such a project on your own, thus it is wise to solicit the specialized services of an interior design firm. Together with these specialists, you will be able to come up with a plan and later on, these experts can easily spruce up the apartment in which you will be living.
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The modern style is the perfect choice for such a home, especially because this type of style is based on the ergonomics of the overall space as well as the utility of each furniture piece. If the hallway for instance is small and narrow, you could choose a really luminous shade for the walls. As for the lighting accessories, you could choose metallic sconces, either slightly elongated or round ones. Avoid massive furniture pieces scattered on the hallway and opt for a suspended peg on the wall.

The living room area in a modern condo must also be colorful, however if such a color choice is not applied to the walls, you could play with some bright and colorful accessories instead, such as paintings or some trendy curtains in really bright shades. The specialists also recommend a dinner table, in short the living room and the dinning area can be in the same room. The furniture from the living room should be made out of mdf and for the floor, the experts recommend using a multi-layered hardwood flooring. As for the sofa, this could be covered in ecological leather or other types of fabrics, according to the beneficiary’s personal taste. As for the small decoration pieces, you can easily choose metal, glass or ceramic ones. If you love art, such ornaments can definitely be part of the modern space in your living room.
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The bathroom or kitchen floor should contain natural stone plaques. Even if the prices for this type of material are a bit steep, this is a long time investment. The wall colors for such a modern bathroom or kitchen should also be in a lighter shade, from olive green to a pastel orange shade, purple lavender and so on. A modern kitchen also includes other types of accessories such as a dish washer and on oven, thus the specialists recommend using the Smeg-Franke brand, while the furniture must be made out of mdf so that the later kitchen appliances can be easily incorporated in the furniture.

You can also opt for colored glass sconces added in the kitchen, either way the final decision belongs to the beneficiary of the condo. Creating a modern condo is not an easy task, however with the skills and the creative vision of the specialists, all of these elements will contribute to successfully implementing this style. Each color, every single piece and material will be closely selected in order to make the modern style pop.

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