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Design interior of a modern flat - Nobili Design

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Jul 6, '17 2:16 AM EST
Design interior of a modern flat - Nobili Design
Design interior of a modern flat - Nobili Design

Even if many of us reside in a small flat or a large one, this place is still called "home sweet home". This is where you can be yourself and gather your friends and family around you. Regardless of the small or large space of the apartment you live in, decorating the latter can represent a true challenge. View some of our work -

This is where the experts intervene along with their knowledge, determination and talent that will help you lay out your modern and dreamy flat. Nowadays, the modern or contemporary style isn’t solely reflected in the way people dress but in the way a certain house or apartment is decorated. Thus, when you appeal to a professional, make sure you let him tap into your creative side so that he can see your own vision regarding the decoration style. If you want to have an apartment that contains modern furniture and pieces that are in trend, the expert's suggestions are welcome. Of course, the new fabrics as well as the modern furniture that have just been released on the market tend to be a bit pricey, however together with the designer, the owner of the apartment can set a budget limit to make things easier. In order to decorate your flat in the modern style, the options are pretty much endless and the only restriction one has is their own imagination. For a modern flat, the tones and shades are neutral and soft. The interior design expert will recommend furniture made out of mdf with small glass insertions or even metal if you are looking for an edgy note. If the apartment is small, the hardwood flooring should also have a heating system incorporated. The small furniture pieces could include more vibrant shades if the walls are in a creme or beige shade. 

Class of classic and modern interior design projects -

This way, the accent will be projected on the small furniture pieces and it will make the room stand out. The kitchen area is not normally that big when it comes to an apartment, but with a little bit of creativity you can set up a modern kitchen which will be very useful and ergonomic. In order to achieve this effect, opt for kitchen appliances that can be easily embedded, in this case the Smeg-Franke brand is highly recommended. This approach is a very accessible one and it will go perfect in a modern kitchen in your flat.  For the rest of the rooms, the decorations could be made out of colored glass, stone or even metal. These are key elements that will give each room in your flat a distinct allure. Decorating a flat in the modern style is based on the use of minimalist pieces that are strategically placed all around the rooms. Resorting to the services of architects and interior design decorators, decorating your flat will definitely be an enjoyable activity.

Nobili Design proposes a different approach when it comes to creating a concept of residential interior design. Our company has been a market leader since 2008 in personalized interior design services, hotel and restaurant interior design, interior architecture and has extensive experience in interior design and interior design projects made for private residences and commercial spaces. Applying to the services of interior design specialists, you will not have to be alone in this long and exhausting interior design process. We can design interior design projects classic, modern, interior design villas, personalized to your lifestyle. If you have the idea of having an interior design specialists near you for the interior design of your home or apartment, the Nobili Design team is at your disposal with personalized ideas and solutions. Designed to give life and personality to the most sophisticated homes, Nobili Design becomes the brand that says everything through images because at times - A picture makes a thousand words.

An image in which, through much work and deep study on every detail, it is a concept, an idea that we can put into practice. You will find in our portfolio projects of interior design, architecture, furniture design, interior design, decorations, made for houses, villas and apartments in classic style, modern in cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov, Pitesti, Timisoara, Galati with furniture Italian and designer materials.

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