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 Interior design classic style house
Interior design classic style house
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Interior design classic style house

It is common for classical style to be assimilated to luxury but you must know that there are no very obvious links between the two approaches. Unlike the image of a luxurious home, the classic style wants to keep the old, archaic elements we could say, the changes made over time managed to lead this method of interior design of a house to a much deeper and also more friendly status, the rigorous character being sometimes softened so that the beneficiaries can perfectly combine the utility with the image hundreds of years old, design interior casa stil clasic.

We have witnessed the many changes in interior design but one thing is certain, classic style has kept its grandeur, both among customers, especially among those who use it when decorating a home. At a time when modern style we see it all the way, the demands of setting up a classic style house are being watched by our specialists, the return to the eclectic era is only a good reason to put our knowledge on hold in about 15 years of experience, 

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For a home-style arrangement in classical style, we will take into account certain features that we consider fundamental, one of which is the palette of uloi. White is, without a doubt, a benchmark in this type of arrangement, but combinations with cream, red or brown will bring out extra elegance and comfort.

Also, we can not eliminate the furniture from the equation, within this interior design style, using successfully the pieces made of rare wood, processed so as to maintain a 100% classic line. We add unique accessories, such as paintings or sculptures, carefully choose every luminaire installed in our home and we try to make the windows, electronic appliances or other small interior decoration elements not to wipe out the classic image you want.
We offer a professional interior design and interior design services, our classic home design projects can be watched in the portfolio section.

Technical details for putting into practice the design and interior design of a house.
Child Bedroom Decorating.
False fridges in regeps with scaffolds of 30/15 h will be created. In the window area, a 15cm / 10cm h gap will be left over the floor (approx. 35cm descends from the initial ceiling).
The floor is plagued with white-lively triple-layered wood flooring.
The walls are taped with 2 wallpaper models as in the images.
Mount the 14.5 cm plinth on the floor and the 10 cm cornet bar at the joint between the walls and the scaffolds,

The furniture will be made on order from matt MDF according to the sketches.

Bathroom Bathroom Design.
A false ceiling of regeps is created according to the sketches, which descend 30cm-30cm away from the walls. The walls will be plated like this:
- Bracelet of 80cm with ceramic tiles of 30 / 70cm on the walls on which the WC, sinks and the bench are mounted, and from the brau up ceramic tiles of 30-70cm white glossy.
- On the wall on which the bathtub is mounted is plaited mosaic 160 cm in width as in the images starting from 40 cm from the wall to the right and 168 cm from the left wall, arhitect design interior pret.
- The bathtub (180-90cm-oval) will be mounted at a distance of 20 cm from the wall according to the sketches 25 cm and 50 cm - the distances from the edge of the case against the wall and the door respectively.

- The wall on which the toilet bowl is mounted - creates a false wall of 10-12 cm of regeps to bury the water basin.
- The floor is plated with blue ceramic tiles.
- The ceiling is mounted in the middle of the ceiling
- The furniture will be executed on the order of glossy MDF according to the sketches
Matrimonial Bedroom Fitting.
Two false ceilings made of regeps with 30 / 15cm h scales are created in steps.
The ceiling in the bed area drops 40 cm, the ceiling in the TV area drops 20 cm.
The floor is plagued with white-lively triple-layered wood flooring.
The walls are wallpapering 2 wallpapers like in pictures.
The luster is mounted according to the sketches, in the middle of the TV ceiling.
Apps are mounted according to sketches at 200 h.
The furniture is made on order according to drawings made of MDF mat, fete de masa restaurant.
The upholstered panel in the bed area will have a 10cm frame and will be attached to the wall, 

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The walls will be wallpapered as in images
The floor will be covered with white-lively triple-layer parquet.
It will create a simple regeps ceiling that will drop to a maximum of 30cm.
For more details and project portfolio visit our web site -

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 Există multe modalități de a împrospăta o casă. Puteți să pictați mereu pe pereți un parfum proaspăt de verde lichen sau un miros parfumat, dar cel mai simplu mod de a captura spiritul primăverii este să cumpărați și să aranjați flori. Cu flori tăiate și o mică imaginație, posibilitățile pot fi frumoase, design interior bucuresti | design interior bucuresti pret | arhitectura interior bucuresti | damenajari interioare bucuresti | design interior case bucuresti | design interior apartamente bucuresti | design interior restaurante bucuresti | design interior coafor bucuresti | amenajari interioare living bucuresti | contact design interior bucuresti | designer interior bucuresti preturi | architect bucuresti pret | amenajari interioare bucuresti preturi | design interior bucuresti preturi | birou arhitectura bucuresti | design interior clasic modern bucuresti | design interior case bucuresti | design interior case modern bucuresti

• Plasați un buchet mic într-un pitcher de cristal strălucitor sau mergeți la un contrast cu o cană de cafea luminos pentru a face o impresie mare într-o sală de intrare sau în foaier. • Umpleți un suport de umbrelă cu câteva tulpini dramatice lungi. • Așezați un coș de flori proaspete la ușa dvs. sau atârnați doar câteva tulpini cu un arc frumos. • În camera de familie, umpleți un șemineu gol, cu o găleată mare de flori. • În baie, un pahar de plastic simplu, plin cu flori tăiate parfumate, poate face un odorizant excelent pentru aer, design interior bucuresti | design interior bucuresti pret | arhitectura interior bucuresti | damenajari interioare bucuresti | design interior case bucuresti | design interior apartamente bucuresti | design interior restaurante bucuresti | design interior coafor bucuresti | amenajari interioare living bucuresti | contact design interior bucuresti | designer interior bucuresti preturi | architect bucuresti pret | amenajari interioare bucuresti preturi | design interior bucuresti preturi | birou arhitectura bucuresti | design interior clasic modern bucuresti | design interior case bucuresti | design interior case modern bucuresti |

• În spalatorie, clătiți o sticlă veche de înălbire sau detergent, umpleți-o cu flori tăiate și așezați-o pe șaibă sau pe un raft pentru o strălucire a spălării. Vizualizati mai multe proiecte de design interior exterior realizate de Nobili Interior Design pentru case vile, apartamente clasice moderne si spatii comerciale, restaurante, baruri, cafenele, hotel, salon infrumusetare cosmetica, salon evenimente nunta, magazin haine incaltaminte, shooping mall, showroom auto mobila, clinica medicala, birouri firme cu servicii complete de amenajari interioare si livrarea materialelor cuprinse in proiectul 3d in Bucuresti, Constanta, Pitesti, Craiova, Giurgiu, Slatina, Galati, Braila, Tulcea, Brasov, Prahova, Bacau, Iasi, Suceava, Focsani, Buzau, Piatra Neamt, Calarasi, Slobozia, Ialomita, Vaslui, Focsani: arhitect bucuresti pret | designer interior constanta pret | designer interior bucuresti preturi | design interior bucuresti preturi | design interior case bucuresti | design interior hotel | birou arhitectura bucuresti | design interior magazine | amenajari interioare bucuresti | design interior coafor | proiecte design interior | design interior salon infrumusetare | firme amenajari bucuresti | firme design interior bucuresti | designer interior craiova preturi | architect craiova pret | architect constanta pret | architect cluj napoca | architect ploiesti pret | architect brasov preturi | design interior preturi | design interior restaurante | design interior case moderne | design interior case clasice | amenajari interioare restaurante.

 • Folosiți un pervaz de bucătărie pentru a alinia bidoane individuale, cani de cafea sau ochelari de suc și puneți una sau două tulpini colorate în fiecare. Este un tratament unic de fereastră. Florile nu mai sunt pentru ocazii speciale. Ele decorează mult mai mult decât centrul mesei de mese. Gândiți-vă "în afara vazului" atunci când căutați containere pentru aranjarea florilor. Bidoane vechi de udare, ghivece de email, fierbe din fier, castă antică de cărbune, ochelari de șampanie, borcane de masoni și ceaiuri adaugă interes pentru aranjamentele florale. Când vă distrați, umpleți un răcitor de vin cu crini proaspeți și frezii proaspete pentru o eleganță subevaluată, architect pitesti preturi | architect braila preturi | architect galati preturi | amenajari interioare camera hotel | firme arhitectura de interior | designer interior | design interior preturi | arhitect amenajari interioare bucuresti | firma amenajari interioare constanta | design interior apartamente | design interior vila | design interior case | design interior spatii comerciale | designer interior constanta preturi | designer interior constanta preturi | design interior constanta | designer interior constanta pret | designer interior timisoara pret | designer interior cluj pret | studio interior design | mobila dormito

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Status: Built
Location: Bucharest, RO

Interior design classic style house
Interior design classic style house