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How to decorate a house in baroque style

We continue the acquaintance with the classic direction in the design of apartments. Here we pay attention to the baroque - a style prone to abundance, sophisticated decor and rhythmic shapes. The baroque style apartment is a real palace, magnificent, magnificent, golden! 

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The baroque style colors the space of a modern apartment with an indescribable luxury, therefore, it will satisfy the taste of those who often host guests on their territory and care about their own prestige. 

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Preferring the baroque style interior, you, in a royal tone, declare your financial wealth - which not everyone dares - and create your own island of comfort, serenity and peace. In addition, you are certainly a born of theater, so life in the palace will only benefit you. The baroque style looks perfect in a large country house with high ceilings and a huge space for your imagination, Gresie portelanata rectificata | Gresie portelanata cu aspect de marmura.


The Island of Your Calm can be presented in white in combination with gold. Other options are white + emerald, raspberry + gold. Any other contrasting colors will look good, but they should be bright colors, which the play of light and shadow fits nicely.

An abundance of gilding in a room with a baroque interior is a must. The brilliance of gold makes the space bright, clean, bright, Luxury Interior Design | Villa interior design Dubai | Interior design Dubai | | Interior Design Blog | online interior design | Italian bedroom furniture | Luxury bedroom furniture | Interior Designers Istanbul | Interior Designers London UK.

Baroque lighting is muted and gentle, so don't be afraid that your home will be bright. Our designers will tell you what colors, materials and decors or other lighting devices will look best.


The baroque style corrected the classics with plastic forms. Therefore, you can safely order concave and convex surfaces, spirals, twisted columns. The main thing is that there are no straight lines inside the baroque. Symmetry is observed and dynamic transitions are made from one side of the room to another in different ways, Design interior Bucuresti | Firma design interior Bucuresti | Design interior Craiova | Design interior Constanta | Design interior Cluj | Design interior Ploiesti | Design interior Brasov.

The interior in immodest baroque style is created only with the help of expensive materials, such as: silver, copper, gold, marble, valuable species of wood, veneer.

For example, when decorating floors and walls, stone is used. Also in the Baroque style, the wall panels are used with wooden panels. One of the walls can be covered with cloth or carpet from ceiling to floor. As for fabrics, they can be decorated not only with walls and windows, but also with doors and furniture, pat tapitat dormitor modern | pat dublu tapitat dormitor | pat matrimonial tapitat pret | canapele living moderne preturi.

In the living room, the walls and ceiling should certainly be refreshed in combination with stucco modeling. Molded garlands - this is one of the chic virtues of the Baroque theme. Blog: Studio Design Interior Bucuresti

The windows are decorated with expensive heavy fabrics, with a small pattern of chalked stems or featuring oriental paintings, vibrant birds, flowers. In patterns, tree branches can be combined with large leaves and flowers. Baroque style, a beautiful game of images.

Chandeliers, chandeliers, chandeliers, candlesticks, chandeliers, lamps with multicolored lampshades act as lighting devices.

The natural rugs in the center of the room and the small warm rugs on the armchairs look decent, offer extra comfort, create a feeling of fullness of space with everything you need.

A large ancient vase will create an allusion to the presence of centuries of wisdom in this house. Grandfather's clock, like an old statue, will remind you of the abundant Baroque time. It will be even more interesting if we add showcases to the room decor, portofoliu design interior | portofoliu design interior bucuresti | design interior bucuresti | portofoliu design interior.

But what will we have pictures of? Be it a picture with views on nature, an image on the theme of peasant life or an image of half-naked bodies engaged in physical work.

Remember the large mirrors made of solid frames, finished with pearl queen, which can be placed in each room, design interior case clasice. Baroque-style mirrors are placed between the windows or above the fireplace.


In the Baroque style, everything should be plentiful for you - and even in abundance. As for the furniture, you can complete the apartment with the following items. It can be: various cabinets with curved legs: book, double, desk, cabinets with drawers, armchairs with corrugated top, design interior case | design interior case cu mansarda | design interior case moderne | proiecte design interior | design interior living case.

All your furniture should be decorated with sculptures and gold, covered with bright paintings and varnish. Baroque style furniture can be both functional and purely decorative.

Remember that the furniture attracts attention from the cut-out legs, richly inlaid and made, for example, in the form of lion figures supporting the table.

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