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Classic style implementation in interior design

From the world history of the XIX - early XX centuries, we have gathered information about the features of the styles of foreign countries. 

Info project:

And even if you do not understand the names, it is enough to recall the names of prominent figures, how pictures of the situation of that era stand before your eyes and it becomes clear to what time and style she belongs. It turns out that each of us received an education at school, giving an idea of the life of society in the XIX - early XX century, classic house interior design concept | project for a classic style home | luxury home interior design | classic style interior design house concept.

 The classic style in the interior is of interest to mature people who have achieved stability in life, who have already gone through a period of experimentation and at the same time are able to appreciate the diversity of classical details with their complex carving, various textures and prints on fabrics,  interior design project for a classic house | interior design project classic house | interior design classic luxury home concept.

 Look through books on architectural styles and save a selection of parts that you liked. It can be columns, arches, plaster cornices, wrought iron grilles, mirrors, fabrics and more.

 To choose for itself the assistant-consultant in interior design, specializing in classic styles. It will be difficult to manage without professional help.

 With the designer, we must first develop options for planning with zoning and furniture arrangement.

 What was the classical layout of apartments of the late XIX - early XX century? As a rule, two entrances led to the apartment - the front door and the black one; a corridor, on one side of which there were private rooms of family members, and on the other, a suite of ceremonial rooms (living room, dining room, fireplace, and others). If you want to repeat this option, then you need to focus on the corridor system with G- and P-shaped corridors. The enfilade arrangement of the rooms was associated with the design features of buildings of those times requiring frequent supports for interfloor ceilings. In modern buildings the opportunity to open large spaces, make panoramic windows, classic luxurios home interior design concept | classic house project | luxury classic interior design project | classic luxury interior design concept.

 At the planning stage, you should immediately decide whether you will comply with the classical symmetrical layout or stop at the “game” with classic details. The layout includes up to 90% of the information on interior design. This is the most important stage on which it depends, whether the project will go like clockwork or with constant rework and rework in the process, online interior design. At this stage, you need to spend a maximum of time and think over everything a few moves ahead.

 The planning solution depends on the initial appearance of the apartment (with external and internal outlines), and on the budget allocated for the implementation of the apartment, classic luxury style interior design home.

 All design elements of the apartment can be divided into wall (cabinets, niches, panels, kitchens and other storage systems) and those that can be moved or bypassed (separate columns, sofas, chairs, tables and dressers).

 You can make the interior thoroughly with all the elements of the classical style. But in this case it will have to finish to the end in accordance with the design project, luxury interior design.

   Any defects in the implementation will make the interior unfinished. You can take the path of simplification: select the main elements in a classic solution, and take cabinets and doors easier or in general in a modern style, classic home interior design concept | residential interior design.

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