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nishant ostwal

Chicago, IL, US

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I am in Urban design school looking for opportunities as a STEM OPT student. When I was 21, I went for a 3000 km motorcycle road trip. Not metaphorically, I literally drove in the highest motorable road on Earth ( Khardung la Pass ). While I was riding, I thought about quitting approximately 500 times. But despite the effort, low altitude, mental and physical pressure, I kept going. I’m that person. Once I say I’ll do something, it will happen. Now, I put that perseverance to work as an urban designer. I’m well-versed in design, planning, teamwork, software skills, and problem-solving.
If you’re interested in grabbing coffee and talking (or to hear how I almost fell off of motorcycle), please send an email my way.


Rethink Design Studio's, Udaipur, Assistant Architect

•Designed in compliance with national building codes and produced 200+ working drawings ( Revit, Autocad ) of 20+ projects in 6 months. Solely saved $10,000 for clients by cost-cutting on materials.
•Freely designed, managed, executed, and accumulated $1000 funds from 2 non-profit stakeholders for the development of 5 Community toilets. Approved the design with the Indian Admistratrative officer by presenting a comprehensive document.
•1000 kg acquisition of recycled & reused materials from several sources to retain the toilet cost under $200.

Jul 2018 - Jun 2019

Rajesh Kenkre Design Studio's, Goa, India, Junior Architect

•Designed with Principle architect and managed with civil engineer construction of 10000+ sqft. two single-family houses and a 30,000 sqft. school project from concept to execution by single Handley making 150 drawings on Revit and Auto-cad.
•Saved $15,000 of clients by actively examining for initial materials.
•Designed and monitored 4+ interior projects under the supervision of the principal architect. Managed under supervision of $50,000 cash flow, 25+ client meetings, 10+ vendors, 3 consultants, and 2 interns of project.
•Design (with the senior architect) and independently engendered graphical presentation on Adobe suite with Revit drawings and Lumion rendered 600 ft high tower. Presented under supervision to 10 stakeholders and 5 political leaders which eventually led to the approbation of the project.
•Assisted in filing 2 tenders by making materials schedules and work obligations for contractors
•Coordinated between material vendors, clients, principal architect, and consultants on all projects.

Sep 2017 - Jul 2018


University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Masters, Master's of City Design

The Master of City Design (MCD) is an intensive graduate degree focusing on the physical design aspects of spatial relationships and interactions between people and places. Students learn how to plan for the physical design of cities using spatial thinking that combines analyses of places, meaningful engagement with diverse communities, and design knowledge across the scale. Hands-on field-based studio learning provides immersive exposure to integrated design and contemporary professional practice in complex urban places across Chicago.
Projects - Post COVID - 19 public space, Urban Sanctuary on brownfields, T.O.D. of 190 acres, Revitalization, Streetscape, Comprehensive plan, Staff report | Planning

Aug 2019 - Aug 2020

Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur, Jaipur, BArch, Architecture

Thesis Project
Recycled and reused materials museum.

Jul 2012 - Jun 2017

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