Nikos Nasis

Nikos Nasis

Woodbury, NJ, US


Lapis Monasterium

The 112th John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship In Architecture - 2013

Lapis Monasterium: The Lapis Monasterium is a modern design that follows the basics of a traditional Cistercian Monastery. The design has a central courtyard surrounded by smaller, more secluded courtyards that are program dependent. The church, like tradition, is located on the south side of the courtyard with the alter facing east. The east and west side of the courtyard house the living spaces. The exterior cladding and roofing of the living spaces are constructed by wood that was recycled from the demolished structures on site. The rest of the structure is built with stone to keep a traditional but modern look.

Sustainability: The monastery is located on an open field and surrounded by farm land. To take advantage of the direct sunlight 78 solar panels were placed on the roof. The panels are used to generate electricity and heat water as well as to reduce roof radiation. To further minimize roof radiation two extensive green roofs were placed over the monk and lay brother living spaces and collect rainwater. Rain water is also collected in the courtyards and stored into a cistern located under the cloister. This water is used for vegetation but also for irrigation. The original barn and house that were located on site were demolished and most of the materials were recycled and reused. All the wood was refurbished and used as solar shades. Multiple strips run parallel from each other and rotate automatically to block unwanted direct sunlight.


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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US