Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts

Amsterdam, NL


a projective site - inhabiting the interval between the instrumental and symbolic meanings of architecture

This is an architectural project in reverse - from building, back to drawing. In doing so, the work explores the idea of an architectural space that exists between a physical building and its representation in drawing and modelling. The often unforeseen social, environmental, and economic complexities a building is exposed to over time can be taken backwards into the architects’ most fundamental tools, and in doing so - a different form of site analysis is proposed.

The project explores the idea of ‘site’ through a design enquiry that attempts to distil a complex way to occupy architecture - that both real space and the space of representation can be occupied simultaneously. I have called this between space A Projective Site: it exists between real and representational space; coupling the sensory, embodied complexities of inhabitation (of the former), with the abstract, instrumental characteristics (of the latter).

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Status: Unbuilt