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Editor's Picks #286

Ungers Project 1- Gunho Kim + Hyun Chung (model) Ungers Project 2- Ryan Glick + Julia Pascutto (model) Rowe Project 1- Vivian Shao Chen + Henry Adam Weber (model) Rowe Project 2- Armando Rigau + William S. Smith (model). Harlem School of Arts 1978 design by HSA building architects Ulrich Franzen & Associates Rem Koolhaas, at Rice University's Tudor Fieldhouse Four Freedoms Park via James S. Russell:Bloomberg West Wind Building'. Huétor-Tájar. Granada. Spain. Under construction via Gema G Espejo. Unfinished Spaces, a film that we've previously covered here on Archinect, is a documentary about the ambitious Cuban National Art School project Caves of Ajanta (A chaitya griba) via amlocke.