Narek Tashdjian

Narek Tashdjian

New York, NY, US



My time with architecture has taught me the importance of conceptual thinking and design. It has continuously allowed me to create a product that reflects the essence of the main idea. From digital realm to physical reality, I work in different scales and mediums, realizing that different projects require different forms of expression. I continue to investigate and understand what it takes to have a design come to fruition. My own interests have revolved around transformative design with a fascination towards creating a spectacle for people to enjoy.

Through all my projects, I have attained experience in experiential design, fabrication, and multidisciplinary thinking. From conceptual thinking to full-scale fabricated installations, I have demonstrated the ability to lead and execute the design goal. I have a strong fluency in 3D modeling through Rhino 5, rendering using V-Ray, and representing ideas using Adobe Suite. My fabrication experience has allowed me to be well acquainted with using the woodshop, CNC-Router, and laser cutter.


Undergraduate Portfolio at Woodbury University


Maneuverworks, Los Angeles, CA, US, Creative Director

Jan 2017 - current

LA Mas, Los Angeles, Junior Designer

▪ Design-Build Projects
▪ Schematic Designs
▪ Design Documents
▪ Collaborative Design Development
▪ Research & Development

May 2014 - May 2015


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, MArch, Advanced Architectural Design

Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design.

May 2015 - May 2016

Woodbury University, Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Bachelor's of Architecture

Sep 2011 - May 2014


William Kinne Fellows Travelling Prize, Grant

Regenerating Armenia: Transplanting the Diaspora

Armenia faces a fragile moment in history where stimulating the population
is vital for establishing a brighter future. They have continued to establish an
educational infrastructure where the youth now have the opportunity to excel
beyond the government’s education system. Tumo Centre for Creative
Technologies along with the Ayb School have established a new culture for
learning as they promote “Know and Create.” As they tackle one challenge,
there are many others left in question. Armenia now looks to the diaspora to
help revitalize their country by facing the issues that can help guide their
country to a more stable condition.

As the diaspora migrate with the aim of solving the many issues surrounding
Armenia, the objective of this research project is to identify and define the
impact diaspora has on factors that cause citizens to emigrate. Aside from the
long term solution of investing in infrastructure and youth, what options can
be proposed to create immediate responses to long term problems? Will the
sole improvement of living conditions create the desire to stay in their
homeland or must there be a response that supports growth within their


Areas of Specialization