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Musen Lin

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Units Furniture

Design statement

Units Furniture is a new mass customization system that allows customers to customize their unique one-off multifunctional furniture for their limited living space. Saving space, modularity and multifunction have become the dominant features in Units Furniture. I focused on the people who live in less than 400 square feet studios or single-apartments in New York.
Within Units Furniture system, my research and design covered both the physical and digital user experience. Physically, Units Furniture’s products are a well-considered solution, ergonomically sound and fully resolved in their form and function. Manufacturing process, materials and finishes will be determined and specified and be especially mindful of how Units Furniture’s pieces are assembled. This website is an online buyer-centric platform to assist in explaining Units Furniture’s products and our new mass customization furniture system.

Digitally, Units Furniture’s website relates to design and fabrication, as well as assembly and distribution. It also allows customers upload their pictures of their own designed Units Furniture to the gallery section. Collecting customer’s data, it will lead the design firms and manufacturers to refine and develop their products to match customer’s wants.

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  1. Nowadays, small living space is rising a crucial design topic in the world. Most of the big cities all over the world are facing this serious problem, especially in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced “Micro-Unit”(250 square feet) apartment building plan in January, 2013. If our living space is downsizing – our furniture should be recreated or reimagined to fit. My piece, Units Furniture gives customers much more flexible configurations of their modular furniture and fit in their limited space.
  2. In terms of online business, Units Furniture is a mass customization furniture platform that engage design firms, manufacturers and customers into the whole design process. This platform can be considered as an interactive dialogue between producer and consumers. Not only does this platform better meet consumers’ needs and wants, it helps the distributors to redesign their operations and logistics, leading to processes that result in “better, cheaper, and faster” products and services. It also aims to keep costs low to match those of standardized items, achieving high quality production of a high variety of products, and making these products in line with the current trends.
  3. Just as mass production was crucial to manufacturing in the 20th century, mass customization will be the key to economic growth in the 21st century. Mass customization is the ability to design and manufacture customized products tailored to meet a customers needs at mass production costs and speed. Through this platform, you can try how to customize your unique one-off Unit Furniture for your limited space and see many functions and finishes that we are given.
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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer (includes this website)