Matthew Silva

Matthew Silva

Warwick, RI, US


DeCordova Museum House for An Artist

For six months at a time, the DeCordova Sculpture Museum in Lincoln, MA will hire a part time artist to create exhibitions. The project undertaken is a home that functions both as a work and study area away from the museum in the midst of the surrounding forest. The idea behind the design is twofold, to create a home that would interact with the sloping landscape and existing stone walls on site and to create a visionary retreat exploring the uses of "experiential nodes" that focus upon certain views of the surrounding forest or adjacent lake. The studio tower is a light structure created from heavy timber framing on the exterior and light steel related structures on the interior to allow for light penetration for a grand workspace. The living quarters is darker, more reminiscient of the site's past employing rustic stonework and opened views to the lakefront.!artist-home

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Status: School Project
Location: Lincoln, MA, US
My Role: Primary Designer