Mindaugas Skrupskelis

Mindaugas Skrupskelis

Shanghai, CN


West Nanjing Road Tower

Tower commissioned on busy Shanghai metro station of West Nanjing Road will be rising up to 180 meter high . The current three metro lines meeting in the area has no direct underground transfer connection. The project solves this problem, while relocating few heritage buildings, to open up space for sunken plazas, creates new commercial opportunities, to attract investors. 

The tower will take the plot of former public garden commissioned by Mr. Zhang famous of his philanthropy. Design of the tower is honoring heritage, showcasing historical building's that used to occupy gardens, relocating them right on top of tower's podium. 
The hanging gardens of the podium climbs up the tower, opening public terraces to the stunning views of protected historical Shikumen houses. 

Gardens continues all the way up to the roof terraces, making space for creative offices and studios, with amphitheaters and spaces bluring boundaries between outside and inside, past and present.

180 m High
38 Floors
4.5 m Office floor height 
2280 m² Floor plate (38x60m)
Column free corners
GFA 90 000 m² 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: Design Directing
Additional Credits: Gensler