Mike Harrington

Mike Harrington

Philadelphia, PA, US



Good morning,
My name is Mike Harrington and I believe I could fill your Web / Graphic
Design position based on my extensive skillset; in addition to developing
a variety of print projects, I have also launched full blown client sites
as well.

I also have extensive experience setting up and configuring most of the standard shopping cart solutions (OsCommerce, X-Cart, CubeCart, Pinnacle Cart, etc.).

Please note: I have extensive experience using content management systems, most notably Joomla.

Here's my portfolio site (web, print and interactive): (Contains social media components in Fan Planet section)!/pages/Conspectus-Media/215635818487881?sk=photos

And here's my LinkedIn profile:

Here's a list of new websites I've built: E-Commerce site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me. Entertainment Site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me. Corporate Site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me. Sports Site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me. Corporate Site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me. Corporate Site
Front end and backend design, all coding done by me.

If you have any additional questions, by all means let me know.

all the best,
p.s. I also have an electronic PDF portfolio with client case studies and referrals.



Conspectus Media, Philadelphia, PA, US, Web Developer / Graphic Designer

Freelance Web Developer / Graphic Designer Currently developing e-Business / Graphic Design solutions for a varying group of clients in the Music, Information technology, Health / PharmaCom as well as emerging M-Commerce markets. Projects may include print, web, sound and interactive design.

Developmental duties include but not limited to:
• Current development skill sets that include PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and Flash Web Development.
• Identifying and troubleshooting PHP open source applications at the project level.
• Installation and configuration of all PHP open source applications, in addition to setting up multiple user level
access restrictions and setting application wide security protocols.
• Building viable project timelines and ensuring projects are completed within time constraints.
• Integrating PHP open source technologies into custom designed look and feel, based on client’s needs and
requirements. Creating PHP core site templates that integrate multiple application functionalities. (ie. A web page
that generates a news feed, ad banners, randomized content as well as a flash or other interactive elements.)
• Creating technical white paper documentation for users with multiple skillset levels in addition to ramping up development teams to newly identified and integrated processes.
• Extensive MYSQL database development: Creation, administration, backup and repair of databases in addition to transferring both SQL databases and user accounts across multiple servers.
• Currently existing codebase and toolsets include PHP ad management tools, content management applications, mailing list applications, online curriculum programs, shopping cart solutions, messageboard forums as well as many other PHP open source applications and script based solutions.

Sep 2003 - current


Congress Bundestag / Youth Exchange Program / Open Door Program, New York, NY, US, Advertising Design / German

Intensive German language study and integrated coursework for Advertising and Graphic Design. I was an exchange student that lived in Cologne and Munich Germany for one year.

Sep 1991 - Jun 1992

National University of the Northeast (UNNE), Philadelphia, PA, US, High School, Academic

Accelerated Academic Program.

Sep 1988 - Jun 1991

Swenson Skills Center, Philadelphia, PA, US, Graphic Design / Major in Illustration

I was enrolled in a dual study program where I would take accelerated academic courses one week, and then would take Graphic Design and Illustration courses the next week. I did this for three years.

Sep 1988 - Jun 1991

Areas of Specialization