The Midnight Charette

The Midnight Charette

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#85 - Six Career Questions for Fresh Graduates - The Issue of Reputation in Architecture

This week David and Marina answer six key questions for fresh graduates from the Archinect forum thread "The Issue of Reputation in Architecture." 

  1. Is it better to work in a large corporate firm or one that does more interesting work?
  2. Does the size of the firm matter when it comes to reputation in this industry? Or is the quality of work more important?
  3. Are there large firms with a bad reputation (that do 'bad' work)? Does their work ruin their reputation?
  4. After working at a more commercially-minded firm, can I move to a more design-focused firm?
  5. What is the critical moment when you need to switch jobs? Does advancement come from staying at one firm for longer?
  6. Is it better to diversify your experience or is it best to focus on one thing in architecture?

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